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2021 -2022 Copper Basin MOOSE Community Subsistence Harvest Permit Program

2021 Any Bull Locking Tag:

Up to 100 bull moose that do not meet general season antler restrictions (“any-bull”) may be taken in Units 11 and 13 during the fall season.

Hunters will be required to have a CSH “any-bull” locking-tag in their possession to harvest a moose that does not meet general season antler restrictions and must affix the CSH “any-bull” locking-tag to the main beam of one antler immediately upon the harvest of an “any-bull” moose.

Hunters that do not have a CSH “anybull” locking-tag in their possession will only be allowed to harvest a bull moose that conforms to the general season antler restrictions for the CSH hunt area.

CSH Moose Harvest Ticket/Report:

ADF&G will issue one Copper Basin CSH moose harvest ticket/report to each household member who is over the age of 10 who were listed on the application.

Harvest tickets/reports will be mailed to eligible participants who provide hunting license information on the participant application, including youth who are not required to possess a hunting license.

Eligible participants who do not provide hunting license information on the application will be required to present a valid hunting license in-person at the ADF&G office in Palmer or Glennallen in order to receive a harvest ticket/report.

Hunters must abide by all applicable state hunting regulations and statute requirements including licensing, hunter education, and reporting requirements.

CSH harvest tickets must be carried in the field while hunting, they must be validated immediately upon killing an animal and before leaving the kill site, and they must remain in the hunter’s possession until the animal has been delivered to the location of processing for human consumption.

Participant Eligibility:

All household members subscribing to the Copper Basin Moose CSH hunt must meet the following eligibility requirements.

  • No member of the household can hold any state drawing/Tier I/Tier II/registration moose hunts, hold general season moose harvest tickets, or hold federal moose permits outside of the CSH hunt area. After the CSH hunt has ended, unsuccessful individual household members may hold state harvest tickets or permits for areas where the bag limit is greater than one moose per person.
  • No member of the household can hold any state or federal registration/Tier I/Tier II/drawing caribou permits outside the Copper Basin CSH hunt area.
  • All household members agree to the hunt conditions herein.
  • A member of the household can be on the Failure to Report (FTR) list and be counted as a group member but will not be allowed to participate in CSH hunting activities.
  • A “community” or “group” is a mutual support network of people who routinely (at least several times each year) provide each other with physical, emotional, and nutritional assistance in a multigenerational and inter/intra-familial manner to assure the long-term welfare of individuals, the group, and natural resources they depend on. A “community” or “group” shares a common interest in, and participation in uses of, an identified area and the wildlife populations in that area, that is consistent with the customary and traditional use pattern of that wildlife population and areas as defined by the board (5 AAC 92.072 (i)(2)).

CSH Moose Hunt Season:

The Copper Basin Moose CSH hunt season dates and general season antler restrictions are listed below:

AreaCSH Season DatesGeneral Season Antler Restrictions
Unit 11August 20–September 20Spike/fork, or 50″ antlers, or 3 or more brow tines on at least 1 side.
Unit 13August 20–September 20Spike/fork, or 50″ antlers, or 4 or more brow tines on at least 1 side.
Portion of Unit 12August 24–August 28 &
September 8–September 17
Spike/fork, or 50″ antlers, or 4 or more brow tines on at least 1 side.

Designated Hunters:

The CSH program allows a community or group to designate members (from within the group) who may possess hunting expertise to harvest wildlife resources on behalf of the members of the community or group.

To take a moose on behalf of another CSH harvest ticket holder (beneficiary), a hunter must carry both the beneficiary’s and their own CSH moose harvest ticket in the field while hunting.

If a designated hunter is hunting an “any-bull” for a beneficiary, the hunter must also have the “any-bull” locking-tag in their possession.

“Any-bull” locking-tags may only be transferred to a designated hunter belonging to the same group as the beneficiary. The harvested moose must be delivered to the beneficiary. The beneficiary is responsible for all reporting requirements.

Hunt Terms And Conditions:

All participants in the Copper Basin Moose CSH hunt must salvage* for human consumption:

  1. the head, heart, liver, kidneys, stomach, and hide, as well as all edible meat from the forequarters,
    hindquarters, ribs, neck, and backbone; and
  2. meat of the forequarters, hindquarters, ribs, brisket, neck, and back bone must remain naturally
    attached to the bones until delivered to the place where it is processed for human consumption.

These salvage requirements apply to all bulls harvested under a CSH Moose permit, regardless of
potential changes in bag limit in-season.

At least one communal sharing event featuring moose harvested under the terms of a Copper Basin CSH hunt must be held.

Reporting Harvest Ticket Reports:

Successful harvest ticket holders must report in person or by phone (907-822-3461) within 24 hours of kill.

Harvest ticket holders who did not hunt, or were unsuccessful, must mail, report online, or call in Copper Basin CSH harvest reports to ADF&G within 15 days of the close of the season.

Reports must be complete to meet reporting requirements.

Failure to report may result in citation and/or placement of harvest ticket holders on the state Failure to Report (FTR) list.

If a group member is placed on the FTR list during the first year of the group’s two-year commitment requirement, the group member will still be locked into the CSH hunt conditions, prohibiting them from hunting outside the Copper Basin CSH for moose and caribou during the next regulatory year, and he or she will not be able to participate in CSH hunting activities.

Household Reports:

Households are requested to complete a Household Community Harvest Report provided by the department.

Completed household reports should be sent to the group coordinator and included in the group report.

Deliver or mail group coordinator and household reports to:

P.O. Box 47
Glennallen, AK 99588