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Alaska Business Monthly Article: Michelle Anderson and Ahtna Focusing in On Alaska

The September issue of Alaska Business Monthly features Ahtna President Michelle Anderson as its cover star!  The Alaska Native Business issue’s feature article talks about how Ahtna is focusing in on Alaska and creating opportunities for our shareholders.  Ahtna’s business in Alaska was up 40 percent in 2015, and continuing to grow significantly in 2016, despite the fiscal crisis the state is battling.

The article also touches on our One Team, One Ahtna approach and the importance of culture to Ahtna’s identity.

“We don’t ever want to lose the Ahtna part of us. We will support and we will be very protective of those aspects of our culture that make us different from everyone else. That includes our hunting and fishing, how we use the lands, our sacred areas, our language, and educating our younger people, not just with Western education but with our cultural education. Our cultural identity is integral to who we are as a member of the business world.”

President Michelle Anderson

Michelle Anderson and Ahtna Focusing in On Alaska article
Published in September 2016 issue of Alaska Business Monthly
Written by Tasha Anderson, ABM Associate Editor