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Ahtna Announces Shareholder and Elder Dividend Distribution for 2022

Anchorage, Alaska – The Board of Directors and the Trustees of Ahtna Hwt’aene (People’s) Trust have declared a shareholder distribution of $10.00 per share. The distribution will be made to all shareholders of record as of March 16, 2022 and will be non-taxable.

In addition, a distribution of $1,250 per eligible Elder as of March 16, 2022 was declared. Since 2009, an Elder distribution has been provided to original Ahtna shareholders that are age 62 and older. 

Distributions are scheduled to be direct deposited on April 22nd. Checks will be mailed the same day and received a few days later per regular mail delivery. 

Direct Deposit and Address Updates Deadline

The deadline for direct deposit and address updates is Friday, April 8, 2022.

Shareholders can update their contact information using the shareholder portal ( or by emailing Shareholder Services at

Shareholders are strongly encouraged to sign up for direct deposit, the fastest and more reliable method to receive dividends. By choosing direct deposit, you will receive your funds faster than by mailed check. Risk of lost or stolen check is also eliminated. Signing up is easy and convenient. Please complete the direct deposit form with routing number and full account number:

**Shareholder Services staff cannot fill out the direct deposit form for shareholders and it is the shareholder’s responsibility to let Shareholder Services know if their banking information has changed. Once a shareholder reaches the age of majority, the custodian’s banking information (if applicable) is removed from the shareholder’s record. The direct deposit form is available online, or can be requested by emailing If you need further assistance Shareholder Services can be reached at (907) 822-3476.