Ahtna Solutions hosts LiDar training for Ahtna Shareholders

Published October 2019

By Jamie Ginn, AEI and photos by Denise Yancey, AEI

Ahtna Solutions LLC (ASL) one of Ahtna’s newest subsidiaries, is making progress in growth and development of the company. One of the steps in development comes from a program involving Merrick & Company of Denver. Merrick is an engineering, surveying, and geospatial firm located in Denver, Colorado. Ahtna and Merrick are in a mentor protégé program, allowing Ahtna to learn the LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging), trade from Merrick. In July, ASL held a training on LiDAR, teaching the role and techniques of a hand filter, or geomatics technician I. Tim Gould, president of ASL, recognized that the geomatics technician job was something that could be done in remote or rural areas with access to a computer, and would be ideal for shareholder employment. The one-day course was advertised and offered to Ahtna shareholders residing in Alaska. Five participants attended the training, hailing from Glennallen, Valdez, Soldotna, and Anchorage. Jamie Ginn facilitated the training and shareholder outreach. Merinda Lobato from Merrick flew in to do the training on LiDAR. Students engaged in the process of hand filtering data collected by planes that use lasers to survey land. We are very excited for this new development and look forward to seeing where this new venture will take Ahtna and its shareholders. We hope to offer more trainings in the future.