Ahtna’s 2017 Employees of the Year Named

Published December 2017


Rhonda Swett

Business Manager – Ahtna Construction & Primary Products Corporation

Rhonda Swett came to ACPPC in April of 2016 when our busy summer season was ramping up. With minimal support, she learned the Ahtna procedures and quickly started to streamline and build processes that reduced redundancy as well as opened communication amongst our groups. She has over 12 years of accounting, project administration, and equipment management experience with an Alaska Native Corporation. She also has an additional 14 years in accounting and construction administration with QAP and WGM. Rhonda has taken on a multitude of roles such as business manager, cost administrator, and corporate administration lead. Rhonda reviews and updates ACPPC and AAA Valley Gravel for compliance and licensing. Rhonda is receiving this award based upon her accomplishments in such a short time as well as a perfect attendance record and a willingness to always go beyond to ensure her job duties are complete.


Helen Yokota

Sr. Project Manager – Ahtna Design Build, Inc.

Helen is a structural engineer and joined ADB’s Irvine Office in November 2015 after over 15 years with Jacobs Engineering. Helen was hired to help manage ADB’s growing vertical construction portfolio and is an asset to ADB.  She works extremely hard on her assigned projects to ensure the highest quality and client satisfaction. Helen works well with others and is well respected by her peers for her technical knowledge and work ethic. Helen often worked 60+ hour weeks during the critical phases of work on the Ahtna-CDM Smith JV Tracy building renovation project and even volunteered to work several weeks straight in the field to fill in for the QC role. While the project experienced many challenges, she kept a positive outlook, and ensured that the project moved forward. The project was well-received by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and they issued a high project evaluation rating for the overall project.


Vivian Tokar

Program Manager – Ahtna Environmental, Inc.

Vivian volunteered to take over Tanaga project at a time when Ahtna needed solid project leadership to keep it on schedule and keep the client relationship positive. We had changed our major subcontractor which required significant focus on contracting, and we had to manage a difficult client and regulatory relationships. Vivian understood how to manage our project communications in a proactive and transparent way that resonated with the managers at the USACE, and resulted in increased trust in our customer relationship. Vivian’s effort has resulted in the Tanaga project avoiding a loss, and setting the stage for follow-on work that will be a significant project opportunity for Ahtna in 2018. Vivian balances thorough project and program management, while also supporting AEI as the Alternate Facility Security Officer. In which capacity she manages the facility clearance and compliance. Vivian is a valuable asset to our team.


Heidi Aguilar

Director of Business – Ahtna Engineering Services, LLC

Heidi has become an integral part of our operations since joining our team in 2016. She has taken a key role in the continuous improvement of our financial performance and reporting. Heidi has lead efforts to streamline and automate internal processes to increase and enhance efficiency. Working with our operational team and program managers Heidi has been able to enhance existing systems and tools to better capture our current, projected, and backlogged work allowing us to better forecast future revenue. Heidi has done a wonderful job of acting as a liaison between our team and the corporate finance department fostering collaboration between the two. Her leadership and team-player mentality has been a tremendous asset to our group.

Alyson Miner

Contracts Manager – Ahtna Facilities Services, Inc.

Alyson’s contribution to our overall success begins with her commitment to our meeting our Ahtna mission and goals.  Her involvement extends into multiple layers of operations from proposal thru post award contract management.  She participates in operations at every level from pricing through procurement in both corporate and at the contract level.  She is committed to ensuring we are compliant in all areas.  We consider her an integral member of our team and look forward to many more years together.  She has our executive management team’s support 100% for employee of the year.


Ashley Gaskell

Project Manager – Ahtna Government Services Corporation

Ashley joined AGSC in May of 2012 as an environmental scientist with over six years of water resources experience. She has worked within the Storm Water Services Department for AGSC on the PG&E Storm Water contracts where she has written storm water pollution prevention plans (SWPPPs), conducted environmental monitoring, performed site inspections, and prepared permits and annual reports for clients and government agencies. Ashley is currently the AGSC PG&E Storm Water Services Program Manager where she oversees several field staff, reviews all submittal documents, and performs site visits and training of contractors in storm water runoff control on several PG&E utility construction sites in California. As Program Manager, Ashely is responsible for over 35 active sites and an annual budget of over $1.2M. Thanks in part to Ashley’s efforts, AGSC is continuing to grow market share in the storm water services industry throughout California.


Sarah Urban

Organizational Development & HR Compliance Manager – Ahtna, Inc.

Sarah has made significant contributions to the corporation through her efforts to support key initiatives that impact our employees.   In 2017 she and her team implemented one of the highest ranked Learning Management Systems in the industry to support training and development.  She worked tirelessly to coordinate and synthesize organizational needs to enhance and create company policies and procedures.  She has helped enhance the work environment at Ahtna and its family of companies through her leadership and coordination on the morale committee.   She has also played a significant role leading the Learning and Growth Balance Score Card committee and the board initiatives under the measure.


Jeremy Reams

Program Manager – Ahtna Support & Training Services, LLC

Jeremy Reams is an exceptional project manager who represents AhtnaSTS very well. He manages a wide array of projects from training support services, procurement and installation work for automated weather warning systems, security services in remote locations, and other specialized analytical services contracts. He builds relationships, is a highly regarded professional with our customers and business partners. When others struggle with difficulties, he finds solutions to challenges and proactively works through them to ensure mission success while building the company reputation for turning around non-performing contracts other companies are removed from.


Anthony Gutierrez

Detention Officer – Ahtna Technical Services, Inc.

On January 24, 2017 Florence Detention Officer Anthony Gutierrez was working in the ICE Service Processing Center. While on duty, he responded to an emergency call of a female detainee who was reportedly choking. Upon his arrival, Officer Gutierrez examined the victim and determined a blocked airway was the cause of the detainee choking. DO Gutierrez took immediate action and began performing abdominal thrusts on the detainee, and continued to do so until medical staff arrived. Upon arrival of the medical staff, Officer Gutierrez explained the situation while continuing to perform abdominal thrust until the obstruction dislodged and the facility nurse determined the detainee was breathing on her own. DO Gutierrez then helped the facility medical staff stabilize the detainee who was then transported to the hospital via ambulance. DO Gutierrez’ quick response to the incident combined with his recognition of the cause of the choking and immediate actions clearly resulted in saving the life of the detainee.