Andrew Guest: Senior Environmental Scientist, Ahtna Government Services Corporation

Where are you originally from?

I was born on Long Island, New York, and grew up just north of New York City.

In what City/State do you currently live?

I live in Camino, California.

How did you feel when you heard you had been named an Ahtna Employee of the Year?

It was quite surprising. With all of my colleagues working so hard alongside me, I felt they were just as deserving of this award.

What made you want to work for the Ahtna family of companies?

When I researched the company, I was impressed with the history, values and dedication to ethical practices. I was excited for the opportunity to be a part of a company with a purpose, to make a difference in the Ahtna Athabascan people’s lives.

What do you love most about your job and the work you do?

What I love most about my job is the supportive, encouraging and caring people I work with. And with the team collaboration, I love providing outstanding services to our clients, developing the program, and increasing our margins for our shareholders.

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