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The Coalition of Doyon, Limited, Sealaska, Ahtna, Incorporated, Tanana Chiefs Conference and Fairbanks Native Association are pleased with the decision issued by the Superior Court in the litigation over the House map drawn and adopted by the Alaska Redistricting Board.

In galvanizing our efforts in advocating to the Board, we gathered input from a multitude of stakeholders such as Native corporations and organizations, private and public interests, and other redistricting coalitions, to ensure that the voices of rural Alaska were not lost in the process. The adopted House map as drawn by the Board is drawn so that the voices of rural Alaskans will be heard in the legislature – it ensures fair and equal representation without sacrificing socio-economic integration. We remain proud of our advocacy and will defend the Board’s House map to the final decision.

As an intervenor in the case, our Coalition remains committed to defending the constitutional House map that unifies the voices of Alaska Natives and ensures rural representation in Alaska’s Legislature.

For inquiries:

Sarah Obed
Sr. VP External Affairs
Doyon, Limited