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Ahtna Kanas Summer 2021

Ahtna Employees in the Community: Lawrence Moberg and AK Cat and Dog Rescue

Ahtna shareholder and AKHI employee Lawrence Moberg, a jack of all trades, has put his skills to work for a good cause. He volunteers with AK Cat and Dog Rescue, a non-profit that serves the entire state and is dedicated to providing rescue, rehabilitation and adoption services. To date, they have provided housing for about 400 animals. AK Cat and Dog Rescue is entirely foster based, which means their animals are not held in shelters but integrated into daily family life in screened foster homes. Their adoptable pets are rescued from local animal shelter agencies before they are euthanized and given the second chance they deserve. When space allows, animals are also taken in from owner surrenders as far away as Nome and other remote villages.

Lawrence’s involvement with the organization was happenstance. He had gone with his fiancé to drop off a pet donation outside of Wasilla. After talking with the staff, he discovered that some of their homes had shortfalls in basic needs. Lawrence’s background is facilities maintenance, so this was right up his alley and he offered to help out on the spot. At various care houses in Palmer and Wasilla, he has installed appliances, installed two hot water heaters, repaired a gas oven, and upgraded a bathroom with double vanity sinks for washing puppies in. Lawrence continues to support the organization by working with foster families until their pets move to the next stage of adoption, surgeries, or birthing. He drops off food, does yard cleanup and provides bulk trash haul off.

When asked what he enjoys most about volunteering, Lawrence replied, “Spending time with the various attitudes of the rescue pets and seeing improvements by making a difference in day-to-day care.”

If you are interested in supporting an animal rescue organization, Lawrence recommends calling your local animal shelter for a list of organizations in your area. AK Cat and Dog Rescue is always in need of qualified foster homes. Want a hiking buddy? Loveable couch potato? AK Cat and Dog Rescue loves connecting animals with their ideal forever family. You can learn more at and donations are accepted at

About Lawrence

Lawrence is the Facilities and Building Maintenance Manager for Ahtna’s Corporate Anchorage office. In his position he coordinates the general maintenance and upkeep of buildings, grounds, and equipment. He is responsible for maintaining electrical, plumbing, mechanical, and related systems as well as moving furniture, landscaping, premises safety, and supervision of the janitorial and maintenance staff.

Lawrence is an Ahtna shareholder and member of the Naltsiine (Sky) clan. His parents are Arline and Leland Moberg, and he has four siblings. His grandparents are Adena Eva George and Oscar D. Kindgren. Lawrence grew up in Lake George, Minnesota and went to high school in Texas. He moved to Alaska in 1989 and has lived here ever since. It is easy to see why Lawrence stayed in Alaska as he enjoys getting out in the backcountry and exploring the road/trail less traveled.