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Ahtna Kanas Fall 2016

Ahtna Shareholder Development Helps Shareholder-Owners Get Job-Ready

Ahtna’s Shareholder Development Department is always looking for new ways to help connect shareholder-owners with job opportunities and provide education to help them succeed in their career goals.

Ahtna Support & Training Services Operations Manager Donald “Jay” Neal speaks to shareholder-owners about job opportunities
Ahtna Support & Training Services Operations Manager Donald “Jay” Neal speaks to shareholder-owners about job opportunities

We have heard a lot of feedback from our Ahtna Shareholder Survey and events throughout the year that career events are helpful and offer great insight into Ahtna’s operations and the opportunities available.

We recently hosted a Shareholder Workforce Gathering in Fairbanks, where company updates were provided by Ahtna management, including Ahtna, Inc. President Michelle Anderson, Ahtna Netiye’, Inc CEO Tom Maloney and subsidiary presidents and staff. There was also time allowed for questions and answers from attendees and workforce-readiness tips were given by Ahtna Shareholder Development Coordinator Starr Knighten.

The event wrapped up with a resume-writing workshop in which shareholder-owners were able to work one-on-one to make sure their resumes would put them at the top of 
recruiters’ lists.

Keep on the lookout for events like this in 
the future!

Interview tips

Practice your listening skills

You can get caught up in presenting an image to the employer and fail to listen. Listening is a powerful tool to be used. When practicing your answers to questions, also practice listening to the interviewer.

Body language
Body language is as important as what you say. Watch your posture and placement of your hands. You want to look relaxed and confident.

Resume tips

Boost your skill set

If you are not financially able to pursue an advanced degree, taking additional coursework in your field can boost your skills. One class a semester can help you in your daily work. Doing any kind of study as an adult shows commitment to your personal development, which is always an attractive quality.

Objective statement

An objective statement should be used when you are making a huge career change and want to explain why. Otherwise, use a summary statement, also known as “summary of qualifications” or “competencies,” which consists of a few strong statements to help summarize your skills and experience.

Contact info

Contact information should be prominent. You do not have to include your mailing address anymore. You should list your city and state, phone number and a professional email. If you must create an email address, make it respectable.

Non-traditional work

Don’t forget your volunteer work and board affiliations. Youth should list babysitting and house and yard cleaning. Not getting paid for a job doesn’t mean you didn’t develop skills doing that job.

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