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Ahtna Kanas Spring 2022

Ahtna Supports Tara Katuk Sweeney for Congress

There is an historic opportunity in front of us. Never has Alaska been represented in our Nation’s capital by an Alaska Native woman. Ahtna wants to help change that, and Tara Katuk Sweeney is the right person to make it happen.

Ahtna’s Board of Directors voted to endorse Tara Sweeney and will be working with Alaskans for TARA to get her elected. Why Tara Sweeney? She is the most experienced and qualified candidate. She was born and raised in rural Alaska and understands the challenges, needs and uniqueness of our people.

When Alaska lost Congressman Don Young, we didn’t just lose a vote in Congress. We lost the most experienced Congressman on the Hill, a veteran legislator with relationships, knowledge, and experience that gave him influence far beyond his single vote. We can’t afford to elect someone whose only goal is to bolster their resume for the next job or work the cable news talk shows. Representing the nation’s largest state, being one of 435 votes is a monumental undertaking. Alaska’s new Congressman needs to be able to hit the ground running with relationships throughout the state and nation. Tara Sweeney is the only candidate in a field of four dozen who meets that criteria. Congressman Young thought enough of Tara to make her Co-Chair of his re-election campaign.

Tara is Iñupiat. She has experience working for an Alaska Native Corporation as well as an Alaska Governor and a United States President. She is an ASRC shareholder, a member of the Native Village of Barrow Traditional Iñupiat Government and the Community of the Arctic Slope. As she has throughout her career, when elected Tara Sweeney will be an advocate for jobs and economic development as well as subsistence and protection of our lands. She grasps the disconnect of state and federal lawmakers surrounding what our communities need and how to best create opportunity in Alaska Native villages.

There is one candidate who stands head and shoulders over the rest of the field. Our Board and I are proud to say it: Tara Sweeney is the clear choice for Ahtna and Alaska. Please join us in voting for Tara Sweeney for United States Congress when your ballot arrives in the mail later this month.