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Ahtna Kanas Winter 2023

AIT Awarded Excellence in Construction & Excellence in Safety Awards

Ahtna Infrastructure & Technologies, LLC (AIT) was recently awarded the Excellence in Construction Award in the Specialty Contractor: Transportation, Marine, Heavy Earthmoving division by the Association of General Contractors (ACC), Alaska for its work on the Napakiak School project.

Time was critical as Napakiak watched the Kuskokwim River inch closer towards engulfing their school. Despite numerous challenges including a stop work order, AIT met the schedule and logistical complexities head-on to complete the first stage of relocating the school–the foundation, pilings, and installation of 50,000-pound fuel tanks. Ahtna used state-of-the-art technology to identify the safest location to offload freight and innovated a customized dolly to move the tanks. Ahtna provided five foundation pads at no cost by repurposing excavated material that would have overwhelmed the landfill. The project was completed ahead of schedule, within budget, and with zero safety incidents.

AIT has a top-to-bottom commitment to running safe jobs for our employees, clients, and the public. In recognition of this commitment, AIT was also recently awarded the Excellence in Safety Award by the ACC.

Safety is a core value at AIT. It starts at the very top, with AIT’s President Tim Finnigan and Vice President of Construction Ronald DesGranges. They encourage all field representatives, managers, and supervisors to start every meeting with a safety moment. Our managers, supervisors and field representatives must be engaged and set the example for workplace safety. All AIT employees (management, administrative, corporate, and field crews) are expected to participate in corporate-sponsored safety programs, which encourages proactive safety involvement. Corporate-wide, Ahtna asks employees to take ownership of their own safety within the framework of the Safety, Health, and Environmental Program. Additionally, Ahtna has not one but two certified Industrial Hygienists as well as a certified Safety Professional on staff. We are particularly proud of this award, as safety is at the forefront of our minds in the execution of our projects.