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Ahtna Kanas Fall 2020

CEO’s Message : Maintaining Our Base While Looking to Grow

Greetings shareholders,

It has been over six months since Ahtna’s Crisis Management Team (CMT) was called into action in early March in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Immediate action was taken to reduce COVID-19 impacts on employees and operations. This included the implementation of a business travel restriction, requiring all “non-essential” employees to work from home, surveying employees on their wellbeing, tailoring our COVID response to our geographic regions, and utilizing all available COVID-19 relief programs. The Ahtna CMT meets regularly to address changing COVID impacts on our operations and employees.

Shareholder carpenter Jacob Ginn and carpenter Caleb Warren smile while installing new flashing during a rare break from the rain in Ketchikan while working on AGL’s NOAA OLE Roof Replacement. Photo taken via drone by Mitch Webber.

Ahtna’s business continues to be solid with a strong backlog, and heavy business development efforts are underway. We are focused on expanding our work with existing customers and teaming partners during this time, and we are continuing to look at business and real estate acquisition opportunities. Our subsidiaries are continuing to maintain their baseline contracts as projected in their 2020 budgets, and no Ahtna employees have been furloughed due to the coronavirus or impacts to our work.

In 2019, the mentor-protégé Joint-Venture (JV) between CDM Constructors Inc. and Ahtna Design-Build was selected for a 5-year multiple award task order contract with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Omaha District to provide rapid infrastructure design-build services in the event of disasters across the nation. When COVID-19 hit, our JV team was there and prepared to assist. In just 19 days, our team helped the USACE convert a vacant floor of Montana Children’s Hospital into an alternate care facility to increase capacity during the coronavirus pandemic. The project was delivered under budget by more than 10 percent. A robust health and safety plan resulted in zero team members testing positive for COVID-19 and zero recordable incidents over the project lifecycle. Montana Governor Steve Bullock toured the new facility in May and remarked, “It’s something that, hopefully, we can marvel at and never use, but we know that if something comes up, we’re ready for it.”

Ahtna Construction and Primary Products Company crew working a Mainline Integrity Investigation on the TransAlaskan Pipeline at Mile Post 756 in 2014.

I made a trip out to the Region with Ahtna Construction and Primary Products Company (ACPPC) President Dave O’Donnell to visit with our Glennallen Response Base and Alyeska project teams in the field. It was great to visit with our employees and meet some of our new shareholder employees working for ACPPC. We are monitoring the oil industry cutbacks in Alaska, but our work for Alyeska has remained consistent. The work our employees are performing on the 2,600-foot-high slopes of Thompson Pass near Valdez is exhilarating to witness. Ahtna crews continue to take on the most challenging projects along the pipeline.

Shareholders Jason Trantham, Jonathan Miller, and Aaron Miller with Warehouse Manager Denny Nelson (black shirt), taking a brief break after staging equipment in front of Ahtna’s new expanded warehouse facility.

Ahtna Netiye’s Chief Operating Officer, Roy Tansy Jr., recently traveled to Fairbanks to visit with our employees in the ACPPC and Ahtna Engineering Services (AES) offices. The AES Fairbanks office, under Andrew Weller’s leadership, has consistently grown over the last six years. Andrew’s team works closely with the AES Anchorage office to support each other on several small projects in Interior Alaska, along with water monitoring and environmental projects at Fort Wainwright and Eielson Air Force Base. They outgrew their existing office location and have moved to a new downtown location with better visibility and room to expand. ACPPC continues to own their office/shop facility on South Cushman where they support projects for Alyeska.

Our Anchorage warehouse facility has gone through an impressive transformation since we bought it a year ago. Our staff have done an incredible job rehabilitating the shop, warehouse and parking areas and making upgrades to lighting and other key features. Ahtna’s subsidiaries stage their field operations from this property and equipment, vehicles and mobile units retrofitted to go out on projects are stored at the location. The mobile units include bunkhouses with showers and a separate unit that contains washers/dryers. Shareholders Jason Trantham and Jonathan Miller have been heavily involved with fixing up the property and maintaining the field equipment. This is an investment that has raised employee morale, improved our subsidiary efficiency and safety, and provided training to shareholders who are working hard to support our field operations.

Warehouse staff showcasing the new facility during an August 2020 Open House.

We fully expect to have a great financial year in 2020, with record revenues. Our subsidiary companies and Ahtna, Inc. personnel are really performing and are truly committed to “One Team, One Ahtna.” This is the team that delivers.

It is a pleasure to be part of Ahtna.

Thank you,

Tom Maloney, Chief Executive Officer
Ahtna Netiye’