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Ahtna Kanas Summer 2017

Chitina Native Corporation Selects CEO

Portrait of CEO Ed Herndon
New CEO Ed Herndon

After a lengthy search, the Chitina Native Corporation Board of Directors chose Ed Herndon as its chief executive officer (CEO). Ed brings the experience and unique perspective needed to grow and improve the corporation for the benefit of its shareholders.

“Chitina Native Corporation has a long history of very conservative decisions, and establishing a CEO position was a decision we discussed on several occasions,” said President Anne Thomas. “We have limited resources, but the projects and potential on our horizon were too big to handle with our current staffing. We appreciate Jeff Doty’s work as business manager to get us where we are, and we look forward to the ventures Ed leads us through.”

Chitina was recently awarded government contracts that involve a sophisticated field of work, resulting in the need of an experienced executive with range of knowledge, skills and abilities.

Ed was born and raised in Cordova and earned a bachelor degree in marketing and management from the University of Alaska Anchorage. He has a long history of working with and for Alaska Native corporations, including 23 years of progressively more-senior positions as human-resources director, business-development manager and president and CEO of one of the largest ANCSA corporations. Most recently, Ed was the director of a village corporation subsidiary that focused on 8(a) government contracting, as well as supporting acquisitions and business development.