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Ahtna Kanas Winter 2023

Coming Soon: Testamentary Disposition Workshops

Ahtna’s Shareholder Services Department will be hosting Testamentary Disposition Workshops this year in Anchorage, Fairbanks, Cantwell, Cheesh’na, Chitina, Kluti-Kaah, Gakona, Gulkana, Mentasta, and Tazlina. Meeting dates and times will be announced in the spring Kanas.

A Testamentary Disposition form provides clear and concise instructions to Ahtna for determining the heirs of your Ahtna shares. This process is different from gifting shares when a shareholder is still living. A Testamentary Disposition is not a complete personal will, but directs us on your wishes for your Ahtna shares. It is extremely important for shareholders to prepare and have a valid Testamentary Disposition on file with Ahtna. Without it, when you pass, your shares may go to someone other than your choosing as we must follow Alaska intestate law. The Testamentary Disposition form also allows you to appoint a representative to handle any potlatch fund donations you are eligible for from Ahtna after your passing.

When a shareholder passes on and they do not have a Testamentary Disposition on file with Ahtna, the transfer of shares becomes more complicated and could take months, or even years, delaying what could be a relatively quick and simple process. We know it isn’t easy thinking about these things, however a Testamentary Disposition allows you to determine who will inherit your shares if something were to happen to you. Preparing for this makes the process much smoother and faster for your family.

The Testamentary Disposition form is available online at You may also call Shareholder Services at (907) 822-3476 to have one mailed to you from the Glennallen headquarters office. Shareholder Relations is available to answer questions or assist you in filling out the form correctly. The form must be completely filled out, notarized, and returned to Shareholder Relations to be considered valid. Custodians, guardians or agents under a power of attorney cannot complete the form – it must be signed by the individual shareholder and notarized. You can update your Testamentary Disposition at any time and only the most recent dated form will be considered valid. You should also make a copy of the completed form for yourself and keep it in a safe place.