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Ahtna Kanas Fall 2016

Copper Basin Community Subsistence Permit 
Hunt Program

Here are instructions on how to apply for a Copper Basin community subsistence hunting (CHS) permit.

  • Before you apply for your permit, call Ms. Stickwan at 
(907) 822-3476 to get moose and caribou permit numbers.
  • Participants may apply online in mid-October 2016 at
  • Click on the “Subsistence” tab (top of the page, fourth tab to 
 the left), scroll down to “Regulations and Permits” (middle of 
 the page) then click “Permits for Cultural and Subsistence 
 Harvest (Hunting)” under “Cultural and Subsistence Harvest.” 
Then click an application option under “Community 
 Subsistence Harvest and Permit Conditions.”
  • Unit 13 moose hunting season is August 20-September 
 20, 2017.
  • Unit 11 moose-hunting season and Unit 13 caribou-hunting season remain the same as previous years.
  • While moose and caribou surveys are voluntary, Ahtna, Inc. 
is asking households to fill out a moose and caribou household survey in 2016 and 2017. Household moose and caribou survey 
forms can be downloaded at
  • CSH head-of-household and households survey forms will 
also be emailed from ADFG to those who have provided an email address on last year’s moose and caribou application.
  • Please return filled-out moose and caribou survey forms to:
    Email To:

    Mail to: Ahtna, Inc., PO 649, Glennallen, AK 99588
  • Surveys are important as they help to determine bag limits, 
subsistence hunts customary and traditional use of species, rural and non-rural determination areas, and amounts 
necessary for subsistence uses, etc.
  • Hunters are required to have a CSH permit and an “any bull” 
moose locking tag in their possession to harvest a moose that 
does not meet general season antler restrictions, and must 
affix the “any-bull” moose locking tag to the main beam of 
one antler or lower jaw immediately after harvest.

Contact your village administrator for questions on the distribution of 2016-2017 locking tags.

  • Cheeshna Tribal Council (907) 822-3503
  • Chitina Traditional Village Council (907) 823-2215
  • Gakona Village Council (907) 822-5777
  • Gulkana Village Council (907) 822-3746
  • Mentasta Traditional Council (907) 291-2319
  • Native Village of Cantwell (907) 768-2591
  • Native Village of Kluti-Kaah (907) 822-5541
  • Native Village of Tazlina (907) 822-4375