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Ahtna Kanas Summer 2017

Corporate Shareholder Interns

Outdoor photo of Christina LeBlanc with her dog and the sun shining in the background

Christina Aleee LeBlanc is the daughter of Jolene Spiller and Douglas LeBlanc, her grandparents are the late Mary Levshakoff and Dan LeBlanc. Christina grew up in both Anchorage, AK and in the Ahtna region, in Glennallen, AK. She is currently attending the University of Alaska Anchorage, taking prerequisites to pursue a career in Nursing.

 When asked about her educational and career pursuits, it is clear that Christina is motivated to work hard towards her life goals of becoming a Travelling Nurse, with the addition of a degree in Business. Fellow Ahtna shareholder, Frances Jackson, has inspired Christina and shown her that determination and hard work pays off. A defining moment that has contributed to her career path choice is when she was working as a Personal Care Attendant taking care of her grandmother. Working for her grandmother, Christina realized her love of taking care of people and a desire to promote health and well-being in our communities through a career in the medical field.

Christina is currently an Intern at Ahtna, Inc., working within the Legal, Safety & Risk Department where she is gaining experience editing, reviewing and drafting content for corporate books and employee websites. She is really taking up the opportunity to learn how Ahtna works as a corporation as well. Working for Ahtna has given Christina experience in other fields that she would not have likely considered otherwise, and opened her eyes to opportunities in working with her native corporation to help better the future of all Ahtna people.

Advice to Ahtna Youth – Do your best in school, don’t doubt your abilities. The effort you put towards your goals now effects your future more than you know!

Christina LeBlanc

Clay T Masterson is the son of Tina Chapman and Fred Masterson. His grandparents are Roy Turner Jr. and Doris Hernandez, and Fred and Patricia Masterson. Clay lives in Anchorage, Alaska, but he was raised in both Texas and Alaska. He is a freshman at the University of Alaska Anchorage, and enrolled in the Bachelors of Business Administration program, with an Accounting major.

Photo of Clay T Masterson holding baby

Clay has been working as an Ahtna, Inc. Intern within the Human Resources Department. He says that this internship opportunity has helped him gain a better understanding of the dynamic and functions in the different departments within a corporation. Most notable in the experience gained, is the occupational savviness necessary to succeed in the business world so he is better prepared to join the workforce after his graduation.

When asked who has been an inspiration in his educational and career pursuits, Clay credits Abrahom Lincoln. Clay has always been impressed with Abraham’s profound ability to empathize with those around him instead of drawing judgement. A habit, which encourages Clay to humble himself in the presence of his peers and to try to understand those around him. Abraham Lincoln was also known for his lifelong pursuit of education and towards pursuing the knowledge and wisdom required to lead a nation, inspiring Clay to strive for greatness with the same passion.

Upon graduation from UAA, Clay plans to work within Business, Accounting, and/or consulting; pursuing opportunities that will best benefit his family and provide great life experiences. On his journey so far, he encountered challenges in balancing a work life and attending college. However, Clay has also learned the value of the time we are given each day and discovered a completely new set of priorities for himself and his family. Clay’s single most driving force is his sense of commitment to his daughter and in ensuring that he can provide for her a future free from burden. He wants to work to give her the life that she deserves and to leave behind a legacy that she will be proud of.

Advice to Ahtna Youth – Get involved in your community, your tribe, and in your corporation. 

Clay T Masterson