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Ahtna Kanas Summer 2020

Elder’s Words of Wisdom During COVID: Morrie Secondchief Thanks Her Neighbors the Copper River Way

Courtesy of the Copper River Country Journal 2020:

In a 1993 story in the Copper River Country Journal, Morrie Secondchief of Mendeltna thanked her neighbors for their extraordinary thoughtfulness. It is important during these difficult times that we listen to the words and advice of our Elders.

People helping each other is really good. My neighbors around, they take turns taking care of me, every other day. When I’m sick, they bring food. When I’m okay, I say “Don’t bring me no food.” I can hardly eat it. When I need something they take me down to Glennallen to get something. They’re my neighbors.

I’m 83 years old. I wish all the people would do like that, care for one another. If we care for one another like that, we may live a little longer. They ask me, “If you need anything, just call – call us.”

I don’t call sometimes. I don’t want to bother them. I know that they’re there, that they can come down as soon as I call them. They wash my clothes, too. They take turns.

– Morrie Secondchief, Mendeltna

We put a call out on Facebook for Ahtna shareholders to share COVID Acts of kindness that they have witnessed or participated in:

Before the virus and during the virus Angela Vermillion has always asked if we’re ok, dropped food off, just always checking and praying on us, she’s such a Blessing. I don’t know what I’d do without her, especially when grandpa Fred was around, she’s the angel of Gulkana, if only there were more people like her.
-Mar See Ya

Angela Vermillion, she is a blessing. Our angel sent from God. Thank you, Angela, for all you do, beautiful lady.
-Tursy Ann

My aunts made us moose soup in town while we were at patient housing! Thank you, Leona Johns and Dorothy Nicklie! We were starving for our native foods!
– Donna Ewan