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Ahtna Kanas Fall 2016

Fairbanks Ahtna Language Learners and Speakers off to Great Start

Group photo
ALLS Fairbanks from left to right, Christina Nicholas, Matthew Evans, Grant Rebne, Raymond Folger, Laura Thronsen, Elaine Folger, Britta Wiseman, River Wiseman, Al Yatlin Jr.

The Fairbanks Ahtna Language Learners and Speakers (ALLS) group has led the way and started with a great team of dedicated learners! The Fairbanks ALLS group is being led by Christina Nicholas with Raymond Folger. Both Christina and Raymond are from Yedatene Na’ (Cantwell).

The Fairbanks ALLS group had their first official meeting in June, kicking off the ALLS Program. Each member completed their ALLS paperwork and accepted their responsibilities as ALLS members.

The ALLS Program will be starting again after hunting seasons! Check the website for more updates or the ALLS – Ahtna Language Learners and Speakers Facebook group! Tsin’aen – Axona!