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Ahtna Kanas Winter 2021

First Time Voter

Ahtna shareholder Cheyenne Ewan poses for a photo with Bruce Cain after visiting the polls.

Cheyenne Ewan voted for the first time in the 2020 election. Voter turnout was up across the nation for the 2020 presidential election, and part of that increase was in first-time voters. Cheyenne’s parents are Donna Ewan and the late Harding Ewan and her maternal grandmother is Mary George. Her paternal grandparents are Frank and Alexandria Ewan. Cheyenne has spent most of her life in Copper Center and is a member of the Udzisyu (Caribou) clan. When asked why she thought voting is important, Cheyenne replied, “Because it’s part of our freedom and should be used. It would make a change to our nation and we should exercise our right to vote.” She says that voting for the first time made her feel, “excited and empowered.”

“My advice for future voters is to find your polling place and research on all sides of the party to make sure you’re choosing something you’re well informed about.”