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Ahtna Kanas Spring 2021

Get Your Graduate Gift Requests In

Shareholders receive a congratulatory gift from Ahtna for graduation. Graduate gift requests can be turned in at any time, but the submission deadline to be recognized and have your accomplishment celebrated at the Annual Meeting and in the Summer Kanas is Friday, May 21st.

Here’s how it works:

Go to and fill out the electronic form.

Requirements for the gift include:

  • Must be an Ahtna shareholder holding voting shares.
  • Must be receiving a high school diploma or certificate of completion, GED, certification of journeyman level in a trade, or associate, bachelor, master, or doctorate degree.
  • Must submit all required documents within one year following graduation or receipt of degree, diploma, or certificate. Required documents include graduate information form, IRS W9 form, and copy of diploma or degree.

Graduate gift requests are managed separately from Class L Stock and require their own submission of proof of graduation.

Approved applicants will be recognized at the Annual Meeting and in the Summer Kanas; however, gifts will be tendered upon receipt of all necessary documents at the discretion of management.

Contact Shareholder Services with any questions at