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Ahtna Kanas Fall 2018

Glennallen Response Base is recognized by Alyeska Pipeline

Tom Maloney

Ahtna Netiye’ (AN) Executive Staff, Board Members and Subsidiary Presidents came together this summer for a full day of strategic planning facilitated by Ahtna Environmental Inc. (AEI) Senior Program Manager, Dan Strandy. The meeting focused on developing strategies for business growth and development over the next three years (2019 – 2021) with a theme of “Relationship Building – Expanding & Monetizing.” AN’s strategic plan is linked closely with AI’s and its main goals include: increase profits, diversify our portfolio, provide benefits to our shareholders and develop our shareholders to be future leaders of tomorrow.

Ahtna Facility Services, Inc. (AFSI) has been approved by the Small Business Administration as an All Small Mentor-Protégé with mentor Walden Security, a security firm based out of Tennessee. Walden Security is the nation’s seventh-largest security company providing armed, unarmed integrated security services for commercial and government properties. AFSI is the first subsidiary to take advantage of the All Small Mentor-Protégé program under the SBA which has the potential to prolong the 8(a) opportunities for many of our graduated subsidiaries. The All Small Mentor-Protégé Program is modeled after the successful SBA 8(a) Mentor-Protégé Program and seeks to develop strong mentor-provided business development assistance to help protégé firms successfully compete for government contracts.

I had the opportunity to travel out to Cape Newenham, Alaska in July to review ADB’s Long Range Radar Site (LRRS) Bulk Fuels project for the Air Force along with AN Sr. Vice President Roy Tansy Jr., subsidiary presidents Tim Finnigan, Tim Gould, Craig O’Rourke and staff.

We were joined by members of our surety broker, Great American Insurance Company, including their Sr. Vice President, Vice President and Division Bond Underwriter as well as our bonding broker from HUB International. Our broker and underwriter now have a new appreciation of the logistical challenges our Alaska projects must overcome. AC&PPC conducted the hauling of the large tanks up a 16-mile road and AES is providing the tank cleaning for the existing 250,000-gallon tanks at each site that will be demolished as part of these projects. We are happy to see three of our subsidiaries working together on this project as One Team, One Ahtna and you can read more about the project on page 6.

We are working with the Alaska Gasline Development Corporation (AGDC) to identify opportunities for our subsidiaries on the AK Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) project. We have invited AGDC leadership to our Anchorage office to discuss near- and long-term projects. We want to ensure Alaska Native contract and shareholder employment opportunities are incorporated as part of this monumental undertaking. Assisting us in these matters is a consultant who has experience on the North Slope Alpine project and working with Alaska Native Corporations on maximizing Alaska Native and Alaska contractor content on projects.

As a government contractor, September is our busiest contract hunting season – the federal year end is September 30th. We are seeing growth in our agency customers that require 8(a) cleared and bonded work. There is little competition in this area, and we thrive in this environment. We expect to be successful in securing several new federal 8(a) contracts this year. When pursuing new contracts, we identify work that will provide responsible economic growth and reflect our company values of respect, unity, safety, quality and integrity. On the following page are some of our recent sizable wins which demonstrate the experience of our top-notch team to bid and deliver work.

Tom Maloney
Chief Executive Officer