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Ahtna Kanas Fall 2017

Interns’ Advice to Youth: Be Passionate

Jacquelynn Engebretson

Shareholder-owner and veteran intern Jacquelynn Engebretson is wrapping up her third internship in the Ahtna Lands Department, working on the carbon
credits program.

She admits she knew little about land issues when she first arrived and is amazed by the work the department undertakes.

Jacquelynn, who was on summer break from the University of Washington, is working towards a Master of Social Work and believes her Ahtna experiences will facilitate her goal of becoming a better public speaker and strengthening her community outreach skills.

She is personally inspired by her mother, aunts and other strong Native women who were leaders in their communities and instilled in her the belief that she can succeed in both her professional and personal life.

Her advice to all Ahtna youth is thoughtful and perceptive, “Do not pick a career path based on how much money can be earned. Genuine career satisfaction comes from working at something you are passionate about. Even if you do not find what you are looking for right away, keep searching and eventually it will appear.”

Jacquelynn’s parents are John Engebretson and Tonya Nutter Stokes. Her grandparents are Larry Nutter and Louise Ewan Nutter.

Katie Finnesand

Katie Finnesand

Ahtna intern Katie Finnesand worked in the Carbon Credits Program this year and is excited to participate in a program that will shape the future of the corporation for up to 100 years. Working in Ahtna’s Land Department has instilled in her an appreciation for how important the resource is for all shareholder-owners.

“This project is a huge deal, it spans 100 years,” said Katie. “My grandchildren could potentially be involved, I love being a part of it and getting others excited about it too.”

Like many Ahtna interns, Katie uses the internship to determine what career path she would like to take and how she can be most helpful in the future. Right now, she is using her experience to figure out which classes to enroll in that will make her more beneficial to the
land department.

Her advice to other young shareholder-owners is to try new things, do not be afraid to just go out and do it.

Katie draws strength and inspiration from her family and credits many strong women whom she admires for their determination, confidence, faith and what she calls “downright openness.” Her advice to other young shareholder-owners is to try new things, do not be afraid to just go out and do it.

Katie’s parents are Martin and Tana Finnesand. Paternal grandparents, Neil and Hannah (Bell) Finnesand of Chitina and maternal grandparents Jim and Margaret (Lloyd) Spence of Washington.