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Ahtna Kanas Summer 2017

Meet the Board – Welcoming Returning Directors Ken Johns and Albert Fleury

Please join us in welcoming Ken Johns and Albert Fleury back to the Ahtna Board. 

Their decades of experience working for the Ahtna family of companies and serving on the Board bring tremendous value.

Photo of Ken Johns smiling at the camera

Ken Johns is married to Leona Johns and has four children: Jerry, Amber, Caleb and Andrew. He graduated from Glennallen High School and now lives in Anchorage. He was the President and CEO of Ahtna from 2000 to 2011. Johns has served on many Ahtna committees and subsidiary boards and was most recently an Ahtna Board member in 2015.

He previously worked at the Alaska Department of Fish and Game and Copper River Native Association and has served on numerous boards and committees, including the Copper River School District, Indian Education Board, Alaska Village Initiatives, Alaska Commercial Company, Native American Rights Fund, and Alaska Federation of Natives. His financial experience includes serving as a Bank Advisor for National Bank of Alaska and Wells Fargo. He currently serves as Special Assistant to the President for Cully Corporation and is the former CEO.

Photo of Albert "Palmer" Fleury

Albert “Palmer” Fleury is married to Linda Fleury and has four children: Dominic, Donna, Melissa and Jerry. He was born in 1944 and raised mainly in Tazlina village. He attended school in Glennallen, as well as the Wrangell Institute, a boarding school for Alaska Natives. He has served on numerous Ahtna committee boards and most subsidiary boards from 2006-2012. He also serves on the Tazlina Successor Village Organization.

Fleury worked around the nation as a mechanic and machinist from 1967 until returning to Alaska in 1971. As a member of the Operating Engineers Local 302 Union, he worked for Wilder Construction, Alaska General and AC&PPC, holding such aggressively responsible positions as Master Mechanic, Shop Foreman, and Equipment Superintendent. He was involved in the early days of the trans-Alaska pipeline and haul-road construction in the 70s and a member of the union for 42 years before retiring in 1998. He currently resides in Eagle River but enjoys spending time hunting, fishing and snowmobiling at his Klutina Lake cabin. Fleury is happy to return to the Ahtna Board and is committed to economic growth and profit
for shareholders.