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Ahtna Kanas Summer 2020

National Park Service Program Growth

Workers in the field

Ahtna Solutions, LLC (ASL) Sr. Program Manager Nino Muniz has managed our environmental work with the National Park Service (NPS) for over eight years. During this time, Nino and his Ahtna Engineering Services (AES) team has performed nearly all the Alaska environmental site assessment and remediation work for NPS, working as a prime consultant and a subcontractor to larger companies (PRIZIM, Hitachi Consulting, and Michael Baker) under a nationwide NPS contract. That nationwide contract expired last year, but because of Ahtna’s record of excellent work and our knowledge/history with the sites, NPS decided in February to try the direct-award approach with ASL. We have since received nine task orders through the 8(a) process and are looking at a busier NPS program than ever. Sites that Nino and his team will tackle this season include:

Workers in the field
Workers in the field
  • Bartlett Cove, Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve (NP&P) – Groundwater monitoring
  • Glass Heifner Mine Site, Kenai Fjords NP&P – Site investigation
  • The Point Tank Farm Additional Site Assessment, Lake Clark NP&P – Well installation and groundwater sampling
  • Dry Bay, Glacier Bay NP&P – Soil site investigation
  • Brooks Lake, Katmai NP&P – Additional site assessment and monitor natural attenuation sampling
  • Bettles Vapor Sampling, Gates of the Arctic NP&P – Indoor air assessment
  • Edmundson Cabin Hazardous Building Materials Survey, Yukon-Charley NP&P – Building evaluation and abatement estimation
  • Denali Sites Monitoring, Denali NP&P – Soil, groundwater, and vapor intrusion investigation at the Toklat Road Camp, as well as pore water assessment at the Moose, Taybo, Bueno mining claim in the Kantishna Mining District

This work, along with a competitive award won by AES for monitoring well drilling at Lake Clark NP&P, represents over $415,000 in Ahtna revenue. Staff who are leading projects under this program include Alexa Hoyt, Joel Brann, Autumn Gould, and Baley Lenhart. Congrats to Nino and Team!