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Ahtna Kanas Spring 2022

New Scholarship Opportunity: Natural Resources

Ahtna is excited to announce a new scholarship for shareholders pursuing a Natural Resources degree or related field of study (forestry, wildlife, etc.). At a minimum, there will be one Natural Resources Scholarship (NRS) available each calendar year. Scholarship preference will be given to accredited programs in Alaska. Scholarship recipients who seek a second NRS award are required to become an employee of Ahtna, Inc. and work at least 400 hours for the Ahtna, Inc. Land Department in the 12 months preceding their second year in college/university.

Scholarship amounts:

  • Up to $15,000 per semester, $120,000 individual lifetime.
  • NRS includes tuition, books, student housing, and college/university fees. For this scholarship, funding can also cover required course equipment, childcare, and other related expenses.

The NRS program will follow the same application process as the Walter Charley Memorial Scholarship program. Applications will be accepted online for the Fall 2022 semester from June 15 through July 15 at: Supplemental documents will be due by August 5.If you have any questions regarding the application process, please contact the Scholarship Administrator at (907) 868-8250 or

Scholarships Available for Prince William Sound College’s Natural Resources Technician Program

Prince William Sound College (PWSC) will be offering a 16-credit Natural Resources Technician program at their Valdez campus this fall. The program is a 12-week intensive experience that covers the knowledge and skills needed for an entry level position in a natural resources career. Tuition and housing scholarships are available for high school seniors.

Visit for additional information.