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Ahtna Kanas Summer 2021

Project Safety Award, NOAA WRC

Bernadette Shu, AEI
This spring, Ahtna Environmental Inc. (AEI) employee Bernadette Shu was requested to perform post-demolition lead dust testing on Hangar 32, an old 1940’s aircraft hangar located at the NOAA Western Regional Center (WRC) Facility in Seattle, Washington. Based on the testing results, it was determined that high lead dust levels were present in the hangar and air monitoring/cleanup was needed.

Bernadette and two other employees work and have office space within nearby Hangar 33, which is of similar age. Even though the office had been remodeled, Bernadette noticed chipping lead paint above the ceiling tiles while a contractor was performing work. Out of concern for the employees working in the area, Bernadette brought management’s attention to the issue. Since the lead dust levels in Hangar 32 were elevated, Bernadette requested similar testing be done on Hangar 33. In consultation with Corporate SHEP, it was agreed no work should continue in Hangar 33 until after the testing was completed.

Due to Bernadette’s courage to speak up, step up and bring this situation to the attention of her supervisor, she was recognized with a project safety spot award.