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Ahtna Kanas Spring 2022

Shareholder Resumes Needed!

A Great Resume Opens More Doors

Ahtna Shareholder Enrichment has created a new database to record Ahtna shareholder resumes. We need your help to make sure we have updated information in our system. Even if you’re not currently seeking employment, please email your resume to This information will help us to support you in your career pursuits. Thank you for your assistance with this project.

You can contact Shareholder Enrichment if you need assistance creating a resume or to have your resume reviewed and polished before applying for a job. Ahtna has contracted with a company to assist shareholders in the resume writing process. Shareholder Enrichment also offers interview skills coaching and preparation tips.

Make An Impact With Your Resume: Things to consider…

Will your Resume be scanned by a computer or database?

If YES, then… make sure you use keywords like industry language, the job title and other terms used in the job announcement

Will your Resume be read by an HR professional?

If YES, then… make sure you used strong action words and industry language

Are you emailing your Resume?

If YES, then…

  • Keep format simple
  • Use strong and descriptive file names
  • Use the subject line effectively
  • Use a professional email address