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Ahtna Kanas Fall 2018

Shareholder Services Updates

Fast. Secure. Convenient. Sign up for direct deposit today!

Ahtna Shareholder Services wants to remind all shareholders how important it is to keep their contact information up to date.

“We can’t help you, if we can’t find you,” said Eileen Ewan, Manager, Ahtna Shareholder Services. “Keeping your contact information current means annual dividends are delivered as soon as possible and shareholders are informed about other important services.” Shareholder Services publishes quarterly updates on Facebook of those we are missing valid addresses for.

Shareholders are also encouraged to use direct deposit, the fastest and more reliable method to receive dividends. By choosing direct deposit, shareholders receive funds a week or more earlier than by mailed check. Risk of lost or stolen check is also eliminated and signing up is easy and convenient. Direct deposit forms can be found on the Ahtna website at Just click on the “Shareholders” tab at the top of the page and select “Services and Forms.”

Ewan also reminds graduating high school seniors to provide a copy of their diploma to Shareholder Services. Your diploma entitles graduates to an additional 70 shares.

Diplomas can be scanned and emailed to or copied and mailed to Ahtna Shareholder Services, PO Box 649, Glennallen, AK 99588. For more information about updating contact information or services and benefits available to shareholders, please call the Shareholder Services office, which is in Glennallen, at (907) 822-3476.

IMPORTANT: Even if a graduate already submitted their diploma for the graduate gift process, they still need to resubmit to Shareholder Services.

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Ahtna hosted a direct deposit drive over the summer and would like to congratulate the winners of the cash prize drawings! Thank you for going green and signing up for the most fast, secure and convenient method of receiving funds from Ahtna.

2018 Shareholder Direct Deposit winners that were randomly selected:
•$200.00 – Daniel R. Sipary
•$300.00 – Dale P. John
•$500.00 – Michael A. Johns