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Ahtna Kanas Fall 2016

Star Awards

Ahtna Technical Services, Inc (ATSI), Ahtna Engineering Services (AES) and Ahtna Support and Training Services (AhtnaSTS) Safety, Health and Environmental Program (SH&EP) presents LEVEL 1 Star Awards.

Jamie Cook, Seth Howard, Curtis Lane, Leonard Sanders, Carl Schaaf and Todd Youngdahl with Ahtna Technical Services Inc. figured out how to solve decade-long issues with the hangar doors at Marine Corps Air Station in Beaufort, SC. The team resolved safety hazards and improved the reliability and safety of the work area for our Marine customers and our crew.

Ahtna Engineering Services Andy DuComb and Felipe Restrepo responded to a call to aid victims of a tragic vehicle crash in Atka. Upon arrival, they triaged numerous crash victims, providing first aid to those in immediate need and stayed with victims for six hours until medical transport arrived.

Ahtna Support and Training Services Project Manager Jeremy Reams prevented a 4-year-old child from drowning. He remembered a public-service campaign on how silent an actual drowning is and was able to recognize the signs immediately. His quick actions in observing the child and diving into the pool to retrieve her prevented a tragic situation from occurring.