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Ahtna Kanas Winter 2020

Successful Completion of Alaska Long Range Radar Site Projects

Diesel bulk  storage facilities located  in Alaska

By Leslie Jacques, AGSC

Ahtna Design-Build, Inc. (ADB), in a Joint Venture with CDM Smith (Ahtna-CDM Smith JV), recently completed its $23 million Design-Build Regional Engineering and Construction Contract (RE&C) contract for the West Region AFCEC, to design and replace existing diesel bulk storage facilities located at remote Tatalina and Cape Newenham Long Range Radar Sites (LRRS) in Alaska (see the Fall 2018 issue of the Kanas for more project details).

The Ahtna Design-Build, Inc.  team.

This project gave us the opportunity to employ shareholders who supported field, administrative, and logistics tasks. The Ahtna team had upwards of 20-24 sub personnel working on a variety of definable features to achieve a September 1, 2019 completion date. With great coordination and workmanship, Ahtna was able to meet this completion date and conduct the final closeout and commissioning on August 26, 2019. The Air Force granted beneficial occupancy and approved the Tatalina project in its entirety.

The Air Force has indicated their sincere appreciation for the excellent teamwork and coordination demonstrated to complete these two very important projects and look forward to working with Ahtna on other upcoming projects.

“Thank you again to the team and everything you guys have put into this effort! It was a great experience to meet and work with all of you and, I too, look forward to our paths crossing in the future.”

Mr. William Still

US Airforce/North Wind Group Site Services Mechanical Engineer