Birch bark texture.

Ahtna Kanas Fall 2021

Tazlina Main Electrical Power Distribution Project

In 2018, the Copper River Basin Regional Housing Authority (CRBRHA) conducted a region-wide Housing Needs Assessment. Based on information gathered from the Assessment, there was significant interest from Tribal members who had land through Ahtna’s Merger Land Use Program (MLUP) to build their own home. One of the barriers identified was the cost to establish electrical power distribution to individual homesites. The CRBRHA secured $413,000 of federal and state funding and partnered with the Native Village of Tazlina to provide the labor for the Fire Fuels Crew to cut down the trees within the prescribed easement for placement of the power poles. CRBRHA contracted with Copper Valley Electric Cooperative to install 61 power poles and transmission lines to serve 20 home sites. The Native Village of Tazlina was also able to gather 200 cords of wood that was later used to heat the Tazlina Community Hall and Tribal offices through their wood boiler system.