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Ahtna Kanas Summer 2021

Unsettled Shareholder Estates

Ahtna shareholders can create a legacy for future generations by having a valid, up-to-date Testamentary Disposition on file or giving a gift of their Ahtna stock. Except for Class L stock, all classes of stock may be gifted or inherited. A Testamentary Disposition does not dispose of all of your property; it only informs Shareholder Services of your wishes for your Ahtna shares. If you wish, you can make a formal last will and testament that provides for the inheritance of all of your property, including your Ahtna shares.

When a shareholder passes on and they do not have a Testamentary Disposition on file with Ahtna, the transfer of shares becomes more complicated and could take months, or even years, delaying what could be a relatively quick and simple process.
We know it isn’t easy thinking about these things, however a Testamentary Disposition protects you and your heirs. This form allows you to designate who inherits your shares, making the process much smoother and faster for your family.

The family members or executors listed below should contact Shareholder Services at or (907) 822-3476 regarding an unsettled shareholder estate. An affidavit claiming interest in Ahtna stock (stock transfer form) must be returned before shares can be transferred or any pending dividend payments can be processed.

Stock transfer forms for adults and custodians of minors and the testamentary disposition form can be found on the Ahtna website at

Family members or executors we are looking to contact:

  • Alec T. John
  • Bobby Thomas
  • Casey Nix
  • Charles Gaskins
  • Duane Wolf Jr
  • Esta Gene
  • Glenn Cantrell
  • James Voyles III
  • Jonas Aley
  • Joseph Warren
  • Lizabeth Roberts
  • Mary Gene
  • Michael Cantrell
  • Michael Finch
  • Rene DeFrance
  • Rex DeFrance
  • Rita Kim
  • Sierra Oster
  • Wilbert Gene