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Who Will Inherit Your Ahtna Shares?

What is a TD?

A testamentary disposition (or TD) is a set of instructions to the Shareholder Services Department for how to handle your Ahtna shares and memorial donation when you pass on.

A TD does not dispose of all of your property; it only informs Shareholder Services of your wishes for your Ahtna shares. If you wish, you can make a formal last will and testament that provides for the inheritance of all of your property, including your Ahtna shares.

Why do I need a TD?

By completing a TD, you decide who will inherit your Ahtna shares, and you can divide your shares among your heirs as you see fit. If any of your heirs are children, you can nominate custodians to hold the shares they inherit from you until they become adults. A TD also allows you to appoint a representative to handle any memorial donation your family is entitled to receive from Ahtna after you pass.

If you pass without a TD, your shares will be transferred by Ahtna according to the Alaska laws of intestate succession. These laws are complex, and your shares may be transferred contrary to your wishes. And, because determining the rightful heirs is more complicated, the process could take months — or even years — delaying what would be a relatively quick and simple procedure if your TD was filed with Ahtna.

How can I make a TD?

The TD form is available to shareholders online at You can also call Shareholder Services at (907) 822-3476 to have a TD form sent to you. The Shareholder Services team is available to answer questions and assist you with filling out the form correctly. To be valid, the form must be completely filled out, signed and dated in the presence of a notary, and returned to the Shareholder Services Department.

Only an adult shareholder can sign a TD for their own shares. A TD cannot be signed by a minor, by a custodian or guardian, or under a power of attorney. You may file a TD at any time – the last TD you sign before you pass will determine how your shares will be transferred. You should also keep a copy of the TD in your personal records.

When should I update my TD?

You should review your TD occasionally to make sure it reflects your current wishes. You may want to file a new TD whenever you or your heirs have a change in circumstances, like a marriage, divorce, birth of a child or grandchild, or if a named heir passes away.

What should I do if I am an heir?

When a shareholder passes, the Shareholder Services Department will determine the heirs who will inherit the Ahtna shares based on the shareholder’s TD, last will and testament, or intestate succession. When all of the heirs have been identified and located, the Shareholder Services Department will ask each heir to provide an affidavit (and possibly other documentation) to verify their right to inherit the shares. You should promptly complete the affidavit and provide all requested documentation to the Department. Until all affidavits and other documents are received by the Department, the shares cannot be transferred to you and the other heirs, and you will be unable to vote your inherited shares or receive dividends on them.