Keep your information current with the “MyAhtna” shareholder portal

Published April 2019

Ahtna’s new shareholder portal, MyAhtna, is a free, online resource that provides shareholders easy access to a wealth of information.

The portal can be accessed through a secure link on the Ahtna website. It allows shareholders the convenience of making certain record changes online, such as updating mailing addresses and other contact information, viewing payment information, printing dividend confirmations, viewing information about the shares owned, viewing and printing tax information and RSVPing for events.

Go paperless!

Shareholders now have the option to go paperless and receive their Annual Meeting packet materials electronically instead of through the mail. By opting in for digital Annual Meeting materials, you will be helping to save trees and eliminate printing and mailing costs.

Who can register?

You must be an Ahtna shareholder at least 18 years of age and not subject to guardianship or conservatorship orders, provided there is an email address in the Ahtna stock records and that email address was not used by another shareholder to create an Ahtna account. As an example, if a husband and wife are both shareholders and have the same email address on file with Ahtna, only one may create a portal account using that email address.

Getting ready to register

You will need your social security number or your shareholder identification (ID) number, which can be requested from Shareholder Records.

How to register:

  1. Visit the Ahtna website and click on the “MyAhtna” link under the “Shareholders” tab, or type “” into your browser.
  2. When the “Connect with MyAhtna” sign-in screen appears, click the word “here” in the sentence “Click here to get started.”
  3. A new screen will appear, where you will enter your shareholder ID number or social security number and your date of birth. When you are done entering the requested information, click the “Validate” button on the lower, left-hand side of the screen.
  4. If the information you entered matches the information in Ahtna’s shareholder database, you will advance to a new screen. Otherwise, a message will appear on the screen to alert you to any issues.
  5. The final step of the registration process involves adding or confirming your email address and agreeing to abide by the “MyAhtna Terms of Use” and creating a password.

Once you have successfully created a MyAhtna account, you may sign in again at any time by visiting the Ahtna website and clicking on the “MyAhtna” tab, or by typing “” into your browser and entering your username and password. To maintain confidentiality and keep your information secure, your MyAhtna sign-in information should be treated confidentially and not shared. Additional hints for keeping your portal account secure may be accessed by clicking a link on the MyAhtna sign-in screen.

If you experience any problems when using MyAhtna, you may find an explanation in the troubleshooting document, which is accessible on the MyAhtna sign-in screen or, if you are already signed in, by clicking on the link under your name on the top right-hand side of the screen. As always, Shareholder Services is happy to assist. Contact us by calling (907) 822-3476 or emailing