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Land Use Vendor Resources

The mission of the Ahtna Land Department is to protect and preserve our lands’ resources for present and future generations of the Ahtna People. Ahtna allows for businesses to partake in commercial guiding services on Ahtna, Incorporated lands. In order to do so, the business must obtain a Vendor Contract prior to conducting any commercial activities within Ahtna, Incorporated lands. The Vendor Contract serves as an Ahtna Land Use Permit that is issued and administered by Ahtna, Incorporated.

The Vendor Contract is a management tool for the department to manage and monitor Ahtna’s cultural and natural resources. The terms and conditions of this one-year contract are to ensure impacts to Ahtna lands are regulated. The Contract is necessary to conduct guided activities such as ATV riding, dog sledding, fishing, hiking, photography, predator control, rafting, rental services, snowmachine riding, and other activities upon review.

For further questions, you may reach out via email to Tammany George, Natural Resource Technician at

If you are applying for a Vendor Contract, please review the Vendor Application page to carefully ensure your business information and logistics are listed properly. Applications are accepted anytime. Please advise that the review of an application can take 3-7 working days depending on the type of service and its operational plans. The Lead Natural Resource Technician will reply via email to inform Vendors of their application approval or denial and will begin the Vendor Contracting process by email or phone, if approved.

The Vendor Client Report should be filled out according to the contract acquired for your business. Client Reports are to be completed monthly by either the business owner or an approved operator as listed in the Vendors’ contract. A monthly reporting reminder will be emailed to the business operator.

The Incident/Trespassing Report should be used to report any significant incidents, accidental damages or injuries that have occurred during the Vendor’s service while on Ahtna lands. Events of witnessing trespassing on Ahtna lands of other individuals, groups or suspicious activities should be reported here as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a contract?

Ahtna lands are privately-owned and therefore requires a Vendor Contract if there is interest of a business wanting to pursue Ahtna lands for their guiding activities. The Vendor Contract serves as an Ahtna Land Use Permit that is issued and administered by Ahtna, Incorporated. Use of Ahtna lands without a permit of any kind is considered trespass under Alaska State law. The purchase of an Ahtna land permit by the clients of the Vendors service helps support important programs aimed at maintaining the lands for enjoyment by current and future generations such as: campgrounds and cabins for public use, public education and outreach on customary and traditional use practices, land patrols to ensure public safety, litter clean up, compliance with land use policies, and fish and game harvest regulations.

What benefits me by acquiring a Vendor Contract?

Public access is extremely limited and the opportunities for business development are scarce on currently available public land. Ahtna, Incorporated own approximately 1.6 million acres which encompass the entire Copper River basin, famously known for its salmon. The biggest asset that Ahtna has is its ownership of over 600,000 acres in the Wrangell-St. Elias National Park as well as its holdings in the Denali National Park and Preserve. Ahtna is in a position to provide access and land within the National Parks for tourism-based business. The landscape and resources are viable to recreational users such as: access to fishing, rafting, campgrounds, hiking trails, Ahtna history, and breathtaking views. 

What if my “activity” isn’t on the list?

Additional activities may be proposed to the Ahtna Land Department for review. The activities mentioned are the pre-approved activities that currently partake on Ahtna lands.

What if I don’t have a business license or insurance for my company?

All businesses in Alaska are required to obtain a business license. This is regulated on a statewide level. Insurance is required for all commercial users who obtain a contract with Ahtna whether it be for guided activities, gravel, leases, or other activities. Insurance is important to have in order to protect you personally, your company, and Ahtna should one of your guests get injured during an excursion.