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All media inquiries should be directed to Corporate Communications at (907) 230-7058 or news@ahtna.net.

We will do our best to respond to your inquiries in a timely manner. If you’d like to know more about Ahtna and what we do, the following frequently asked questions may be of assistance:

About Ahtna FAQ
Ahtna Shareholders FAQ
Ahtna Lands FAQ

If you require more information, please contact us directly.

Annual Reports

Annual reports contain operational and financial information about the overall performance of Ahtna, Inc. and each individual subsidiary during the previous year. Reports are presented for review to each shareholder before and during the Annual Meeting of Shareholders, which is typically held in early June. Any shareholder questions or concerns regarding reports should be presented to Ahtna, Inc. management.

To request Ahtna, Inc. annual reports, please send an email to news@ahtna.net or call (907) 868-8250.

Shareholder Kanas Newsletter

The Ahtna Kanas is a quarterly newsletter provided to Ahtna shareholders.

In the Ahtna language, Kanas means “talk,” and true to this, the newsletter is a long-standing resource for the corporation to connect with shareholders and communicate relevant information for their benefit, such as reports on business activities, news within the Ahtna community and region, spotlights and features on shareholders, as well as information regarding upcoming deadlines, projects, meeting notices, etc.

Only shareholders may request a hard copy of the Kanas; to do so, shareholders may send an email to news@ahtna.net or call (907) 868-8250.

You can also view an electronic version of the Ahtna Kanas.