Meet Joey Hart — mariner in training

Published October 2019

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What is your full name?
Joseph Jack Hart Jr.

What are your parents and grandparents’ names?

My grandparents were John Hart and Velma Hart (Goodlataw) on my father’s side. On my mother’s side it was William Poplin and Judy Yates. My parents are Joseph Hart Sr and Cena Rhodes.

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Copper Center until I was around 9 then I moved to Valdez where I still am today.

What is your work position title and what are your duties?

I’m currently an Ordinary Seaman or OS. My duties are to keep up with the daily maintenance, sanitation and cargo handling of the vessel. I also deal with mooring lines as needed.

What made you want to work for the company?

I was honestly just looking for a career change at the moment. I never had any thoughts or intentions of ever getting a job in the maritime industry. As I was looking for new jobs I happened to see a Facebook post on Ahtna’s page about Edison Chouest Offshore looking to hire Alaska Natives. So I sat down with them, learned what the program was about, and decided to just go for it.

What knowledge or skill do you hope to gain through your position and how do you see it supporting your personal or career goals?

First off would be getting my Able-Bodied Seaman but my goal is to reach at least a Mate position. This would just entail more sea time and further training.

What do you enjoy most about this position?

I love being able to work in such a beautiful environment. Being out on the water is so peaceful and provides some amazing scenery. I also like how much there is to learn. I’ve always enjoyed learning new skills and gaining knowledge in as much as I can. Having a career path with a clear direction of what position you can hold, along with what training and experience is required for it is a real plus for me. It allows me to set goals and be realistic about attaining them.

What role as Ahtna played in your education or career pursuits?

Well honestly I wouldn’t be sitting on my career path without the help of Ahtna. I reached out to Tracy Parent even before I learned about Edison Chouest’s opportunity. She was very helpful in finding me many options to look at, and even after choosing to go with Edison helped me with anything I needed. I’ve also taken advantage of the online courses through Ahtna Son’ University.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

Having quality time with my wife and kids. I also enjoy being outdoors whether it be hunting, hiking, fishing or anything else outside. I also look forward to having more time to travel and being able to show them more of this beautiful state and much more of the world.