Shareholder Spotlight: Our People Are Our Strength

Published October 2019

Our biggest asset is our employees and their commitment and diverse expertise is what propels us. Below are photos submitted by some of our shareholder staff. As Ahtna team members, they help to actively shape a company culture that supports innovation, dedication and high performance.

  • Brenda Rebne, AFSI/APSI
  • D’Angelo John, AI & Lorna David, AI
  • Crystal Ewan, AN
  • Michelle Anderson, AI with young shareholder and grand-niece Audianna Demit-Ewan
  • Michelle Marshall, AEI
  • Kathryn Martin, AI with grand baby Amaris
  • Ve’dra Bechtol, AI & Jason Trantham,AEI
  • Austin Anderson, AI
  • Tina Chapman, AN
  • Eva Olhausen, AI
  • Lawrence Moberg, AKHI
  • Valda Akpik, AES
  • Rodney Lengele, ASL
  • Starr Knighten, AI and son Big Jack
  • Melissa Taylor, AES
  • Jamie Ginn, AES