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Ahtna Certificate Scholarship

The Ahtna Certificate Scholarship is an opportunity for Ahtna shareholders eager to deepen their expertise and secure their future in specialized fields. The Ahtna Certificate Scholarship is tailored for those pursuing occupational endorsements, providing a unique pathway to professional growth and cultural enrichment.

What is the Ahtna Certificate Scholarship?

The Ahtna Certificate Scholarship is designed specifically for Ahtna shareholders who are interested in obtaining non-vocational occupational endorsements. These endorsements are specialized certifications that go beyond traditional academic qualifications, focusing on niche areas of expertise. Whether you are interested in the intricacies of Ahtna language, the dynamics of Native business management, or the detailed world of accounting, this scholarship aims to support your educational journey.

Submission Requirements

  • Complete online application form
  • ACS applicants must provide proof of admission into a certificate-based program and submit the cost (tuition and fees) for the courses.


To become a Scholarship Recipient, individuals must be:

  • An Ahtna, Inc. shareholder who holds at least 10 voting shares (Original, Inherited, Gifted, Class L); and,
  • Accepted to a certificate-based program.

Scholarship Amount

  • Up to $2,000 per application with a lifetime amount of up to $10,000. (A single application amount is intended to cover a course or two towards the certificate.)
  • Applicants may apply multiple times in a calendar year for certificate-based courses.
  • Applications are open year-round.

How to Apply

Steps to apply for the Ahtna Certificate Scholarship :

  1. Submit the online application form below.