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Introduction to Wills

Videos courtesy of AlaskaLawHelp and authored by Alaska Legal Services Corp. 

An attorney is the best person to help you write your last will and testament, but if no attorney is available you can write your own will. These videos go over the basics of what a will does, how your property will be distributed if you don’t have a will, the contents of a standard will, and important Alaska-specific information.

Testamentary Dispositions

NOTE: Having a personal will is important, but it does not take the place of having a Testamentary Disposition on file with Ahtna.

A Testamentary Disposition (or TD) form provides Ahtna with clear and concise guidelines to determine the heirs of your Ahtna shares.  Having a TD makes transferring your Ahtna shares much smoother and faster for your family. Without a TD, when you pass, your shares will be transferred according to Alaska intestate law, which may not match your wishes. The TD form also allows you to appoint a personal representative to handle any Memorial Benefit your family is eligible for after your passing.

A TD is not a general will for all of your property and possessions, it only provides for inheritance of your Ahtna shares. If you complete a TD and then later prepare a general will, the TD will continue to determine what happens to your shares unless your general will specifically mentions the shares. 

When you have a significant life event (like marriage, divorce, birth of a child, or passing of a family member) – or if you prepare a general will – review your TD to make sure it still reflects your wishes for the inheritance of your Ahtna shares.

Please complete or update your Testamentary Disposition now.  You can visit the Shareholder Records staff in the Glennallen or Anchorage office, or download the TD form here, fill it out, sign it in front of a notary public, and mail or deliver it to Ahtna.

Introduction to Wills


If You Die Without a Will

Wills – FAQ

Glossary (Wills)

The Contents of Your Will

The First Four Sections of a Will

The Gift Section

Survival Period and Remains
If You Have Minor Children
Signature and Witnessing
Summary and Helpful Tools

Special Issues for Alaskans

Special Issues for Alaskans

Special Protections for Family Members

Other Planning Tools

Other Estate Planning Tools