We are working hard to improve how we engage shareholders as they pursue meaningful career and life goals.

The purpose of the Ahtna Shareholder Portal & Talent Bank is to safely and securely store information about our shareholders’ education, work history, skill sets and abilities. We use this information in a number of ways (note the Talent Banks portal does not link to the MyAhtna.com Shareholder Portal):

  • To link qualified shareholders with opportunities within the Ahtna family of companies.
  • To match shareholders with employment and training opportunities with partner companies and other Native organizations in Alaska.
  • To send out targeted communication regarding training, apprenticeship, and internship opportunities based on your career goals.
  • To encourage shareholders to plan for the future by learning about the kinds of jobs that are in demand.

The Online Shareholder Portal is a place you can go to:

  • Update your Personal Details: Address, phone and e-mail. This information is used by Shareholder Enrichment to reach you.
  • View and update your Talent Bank Profile: Update your employment status

The online Shareholder Portal (Talent Bank)

This Shareholder Portal was created so you can have access anytime and anywhere with an internet connection.

Most importantly, we encourage you to participate in the Ahtna Talent Bank


  1. Click here to Create Your Talent Bank Profile
  2. For your first time, you will need to register by providing full name, email, phone, and last four of your SSN. You will need to establish a secure username and password.
  3. During the registration process, your shareholder status will be confirmed with shareholder records.
  4. Once verified, you will be sent an email confirming your portal access.
  5. You will then be able to log into the Ahtna Portal using your secured username and password.

There are five (5) tabs that make up your Talent Bank Profile:

  1. Employment Status/Preferences
  2. Employment History
  3. Education History
  4. Security Clearance
  5. Skills

Under each tab, you will be able to create a record for each event and add more details.

Update your Talent Bank each time anything changes in your employment or education and make sure your contact information stays up-to-date.

Securing Your Information

Securing your personal information is important to us. We realize that much of what you may share when you use the Shareholder Portal is personal and we want you to be comfortable while visiting. Any data stored in your Talent Bank profile is safe and protected.

Keep your user login and password safe. Our secure firewall and security infrastructure help protect the information you share with Ahtna through the Shareholder Portal.

The Ahtna Talent Bank is not an application for employment. It is your responsibility to continue to pursue employment opportunities by applying for current job openings. To be directed to the Ahtna Career Website please click here.