Tolsona Rig Photo

Ahtna is pursuing natural resource development in the Copper River Basin to help bring more affordable energy to the region. The Copper River basin has seen limited oil and gas exploration compared to other areas of the state, but its geology bears many similarities to that of the prolific Cook Inlet basin.

Ahtna was issued a State of Alaska Exploration License in 2013 for 44,000 acres of state land. In 2014, Ahtna completed 40-square-miles of 2D seismic exploration which provided very positive data resulting in identification of a distinct oil and gas structure. The area of interest is part of the Middle Earth and New Frontier basins.

Ahtna, Inc. subsidiary Tolsona Oil & Gas Exploration, LLC was the owner-operator of a new gas drilling program on state land about 11 miles west of Ahtna’s Glennallen, Alaska Corporate Headquarters. An exploration well named Tolsona No. 1. was spudded on September 28, 2016 and drilling was successfully completed on December 5, 2016.

The Tolsona project delivered an outstanding safety record, provided employment and development opportunities for Ahtna shareholders and Alaskans, and the targeted zone was reached and evaluated. There was a tremendous amount of data analysis done during the evaluation that provided invaluable knowledge about other gas prospects on Ahtna lands outside of Tolsona.

Resource development interest in the basin dates back to the 1950’s

Some limited oil and gas exploration of the area was done prior to the mid-1980s, with over 500-miles of geophysical surveys conducted and 11 wildcat wells drilled. Most of the previous wells encountered oil and gas shows.

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