Welcome Ahtna Special Forces

Published July 2019

Ahtna has changed the scope of the Intern Program; it is now called Ahtna Special Forces. This summer, Ahtna Special Forces Interns will participate in numerous training events, attend staff meetings, board meetings, and meet with leadership. They will also participate in site visits and visit the region. We have participants in California, Anchorage and Glennallen this summer.

Our goals for interns are still the same, to learn, develop and grow and to help them achieve their educational goals. We also want them to fully participate in the company, help us reach our goals, and offer suggestions for improvement. The interns will perform real work that helps the company and helps their own development.

2019 Ahtna Special Forces:

  • Tvetene Carlson: Engineering
  • Jasznia Marshall: Creative Writing
  • Casey Leonard: Business
  • Talon Masterson: Biology
  • Taliylah Patrick: Biology
  • Austin Anderson: Political Science
  • Naomi Stickwan: Carbon Credits
  • Robyn George: Business Management