Welcome Shawn Sanford to the Ahtna Board

Published July 2019

Welcome Shawn Sanford to the Ahtna Board  Shawn Sanford was elected to Seat D, Cheesh’na on the Ahtna, Inc. Board of Directors and will also be serving as the Ahtna Netiye’ Executive Committee Treasurer. Shawn grew up in Cheesh’na and graduated from Glennallen High School. He currently lives in Anchorage and has one son, Shawn Sanford Jr. His mother is Loretta Sanford and he was raised by his grandmother, Mary Sanford. He has served as the Director of Business for Ahtna Technical Services Inc., Bookkeeper and Tribal Administrator for Mentasta Traditional Council and Bookkeeper for Mount Sanford Tribal Consortium. He has also served on the Cheesh’na Tribal Council Board of Directors.

Shawn hopes to increase shareholder benefits through more profit and higher dividends. He would also like to work on increasing shareholder development and employment.