Why is it important for a shareholder to participate and/or vote?

Published April 2019

Ken Johns – All shareholders have been given the opportunity to participate by a 1971 act that includes them to be stewards of not only the company but of the land. It is very important that each shareholder realizes they have a say in the future for our ANCSA lands and what the mission of the company should be.

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Eleanor Dementi – I think it’s important for shareholders to vote to get good leaders as Board members. It is important to read the biography of those running for the Board. It is also important for shareholders to listen to what is happening at Ahtna.

Linda Pete – Shareholders need to vote. Every vote matters. Your vote determines the direction of the company. Your vote is important. Your vote lets your voice be heard.

John Craig – Shareholder votes count.When shareholders vote, it is for the betterment of Ahtna, Inc.

Margie Ewan – It is important for shareholders to exercise their right to vote for the director of their choice. Shareholders should read the candidates’ answers printed in the proxy statement to get an idea if they agree or disagree with the candidates’ views. Once they decide what candidate they believe would serve in the best interest of the shareholders and the Corporation, they should complete and submit their proxy. It is important that they choose a fellow shareholder to vote their proxy, even if they plan on attending the Annual Meeting in person. Another important item to review in the proxy statement is the attendance percentage, if a candidate is currently a serving director. Remember that it is important that each annual meeting has a quorum in order to conduct business, so vote your proxy and mail, submit online or fax your very important vote.

Albert Fleury – Shareholders need to participate and vote as well as meet either the village or at-large incumbents and nominees. Shareholders need to participate in order to find out what Ahtna is actually doing for shareholders. By participating, shareholders will provide the required quorum in order to elect directors and have a legal annual meeting.

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Nicholas Jackson – The Board is elected by shareholders to represent their interest in Ahtna. The Board responds to the needs of Ahtna based on shareholder input. In order to make good decisions, the Board needs shareholder input. It is also important for shareholders to participate and vote at this year’s Annual Meeting in order to change the quorum requirement of shareholder representation in the Articles of Incorporation from 50 plus one to one-third. Without this change to the Articles of Incorporation, quorum might not be met at this year’s and future annual meetings. Without the annual meetings, directors cannot be elected to represent Ahtna and its shareholders’ best interests.

Franklin John – Voting at the Annual Meeting and participating in Ahtna’s business is the duty of all Ahtna shareholders.

Genevieve John – As shareholders of Ahtna, Inc., we have a voice in our vote. When we vote for candidates for the Board of Directors, we are using our voice. The elected Board is the governing body of this Corporation and the decisions that are made by the Board may affect the shareholders. Make sure to use your voice and vote.

Lucille Lincoln – Your vote counts always, to make sure you get the right people on the Board that will work for the very best interest of our Corporation and shareholders, to remain financially stable, to continue to have great dividends, to hear what has and is happening in the Corporation and to see friends and family. Also, you may be lucky enough to get a door prize.