Ahtna, Incorporated (Ahtna) is an Alaska Native Regional Corporation established by Congress under terms of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) of 1971. Ahtna is a for-profit company; in 2018, Ahtna had revenues of over $284 million.

The current president of Ahtna is Michelle Anderson, an Ahtna shareholder who was raised in the Ahtna region.

Ahtna originally enrolled 1,074 shareholders immediately following the passage of ANCSA. On June 7, 2008, Ahtna shareholders voted to extend stock ownership to lineal descendants of Ahtna shareholders that met the eligibility requirements for that stock and were born after December 18, 1971.

There are over 2,000 Ahtna shareholders, nearly half of whom are Class L shareholders.

Ahtna headquarters are located at MP 115 Richardson Highway in Glennallen, Alaska. Ahtna headquarters houses the President’s office and the Land, Shareholder Development, and Shareholder Services departments.

Ahtna offices are also located in Anchorage, Alaska at 110 W 38th Avenue. The Anchorage building houses the Human Resources, Finance, Corporate Communications, and IT departments.

It is also the headquarters for Ahtna Netiye’ (AN), the business holding company for Ahtna, and several subsidiary companies.

The Alaska Native Land Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) of 1971 is the largest land claims settlement act of its kind in US history.

Under ANCSA, the aboriginal claims of Alaska Natives to lands within Alaska were extinguished; in exchange, they received a settlement of $962.5 million to be paid out over a number of years and fee simple title to 44 million acres within the state. Title to the land was transferred to 12 Alaska Native Regional corporations and more than 200 village corporations. A 13th; regional corporation was later formed for Alaska Natives living outside of Alaska.

Ahtna was one of the 12 regional corporations that were formed. Under ANCSA, Ahtna has a total entitlement of 1.77 million acres, including both surface and subsurface estate; more than 1.5 million of which has already been successfully conveyed.

Several Ahtna leaders were prominent in the legislative process that allowed for the creation of ANCSA, including former Ahtna board director and president Roy Ewan and former Ahtna president Robert Marshall.

Map of Ahtna region within Alaska
There are eight villages within the Ahtna region: Cantwell, Chistochina, Chitina, Gakona, Gulkana, Kluti-Kaah, Mentasta, and Tazlina. All eight villages are federally recognized tribes. Please refer to our interactive regional map for more information on our region and villages.

Yes. Ahtna, Inc. owns Ahtna Netiye’, LLC (AN), the business holding company of Ahtna. AN was formed in 2011 to manage and oversee the business operations of 13 subsidiary companies. Netiye’ is an Ahtna Athabascan word meaning “our strength”.

Ahtna’s subsidiaries provide an array of services across many industries, including:

  • Federal Contracting Services
  • Civil & Vertical Construction
  • Facilities Management and Support Services
  • Oil & Gas Pipeline Maintenance and Construction

Ahtna subsidiaries currently operate in nearly all 50 states. For more information about our subsidiaries and what they do, please check out the Business section of this website.

As of January 2018, through combined parent company, holding company, and subsidiary companies’ operations, Ahtna employed more than 1,300 people worldwide, at least 300 of whom worked in Alaska.

*If you are interested in employment with Ahtna, please check out the Employment section of this website.

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