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Annual Meeting

50th Annual Meeting of Shareholders
Saturday, June 3, 2023

2023 Ahtna Board of Directors Election Results

The following directors were elected at the 2023 Ahtna Annual Meeting held June 3 in Glennallen, Alaska. They were announced by the Inspector of Elections (Swalling & Associates, P.C.), the independent accounting firm retained to assist with vote tabulation.

  • Seat A, At-Large: Nicholas Jackson (Incumbent)
  • Seat C, Cantwell: Grant C’edahwdeldiixen Rebne (Incumbent)
  • Seat G1, Kluti-Kaah: Ken Johns (Incumbent)
  • Seat J, Tazlina: Clint R. Marshall (Incumbent)

All newly elected directors will serve 3-year terms, which end at the 2025 Annual Meeting.


The Board met after the Annual Meeting and elected the following Ahtna, Inc. (AI) Board officers and Ahtna Netiye’ (AN) Executive Committee members:

  • AI Chair – Nicholas Jackson
  • AI Vice Chair – Karen Linnell
  • AI Secretary – Genevieve John
  • AI Treasurer – Linda Pete
  • AN Chair – Jason Hart
  • AN Vice Chair – Clint Marshall
  • AN Secretary – Cecil Sanford
  • AN Treasurer – Linda Pete
  • AN Executive Committee Member – Grant Rebne
  • AN Executive Committee Member – Genevieve John

2023 Early Bird Proxy Prize Winners


  • Isaac J. Beal
  • Abigale R. Barrios
  • Donna M. Acuna


  • Leo N. Ewan
  • Darryl R. Tyone
  • Latisha TA Griffin


  • Rachael L. Ewan
  • Dolly Monroe
  • Sally A. Gosnell
  • Jay E. Tyone
  • Erika C. Empey


  • Daryl J. Beeter
  • Lucy E. Pete
  • Violet S. Jamison
  • Bonnie M. Yazzie
  • Michael A. Finch, Jr.
  • Anita B. Jones
  • Julie A. Marshall

2023 Online Voting Prize Winners


  • Jake R. Lish
  • Roberta N. Kanabak


  • Alvin J. Albert
  • Keshia E. Walker
  • Darryl F. Jordan
  • Liran M. Lafromboise
  • Crystal Tyone
  • Phillip Wilson


  • Brian J. George
  • Christopher E. Johnson
  • Victor T. Fleury
  • Amber J. Alexander
  • Amanda J. Maxim
  • Wayne P. Moberg
  • Dennis Charley
  • Maura N. Kosbruk

Shareholder Comments and Questions

As a shareholder, your comments and questions are important to us. If you have a concern or question for Ahtna, Inc. regarding Ahtna’s activities, operations, etc., that you would like your corporation to respond to, please submit here .

For more information or if you have questions, please contact Shareholder Services at (907) 822-3476 or shservices@ahtna.net.