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Graduate Recognition Program

Shareholders receive a congratulatory gift for graduation.

Use the form below to apply for a congratulatory gift provided by Ahtna to its shareholder graduates. Requirements for the gift include:

  • Must be an Ahtna shareholder with voting shares
  • Must be receiving a high school diploma or certificate of completion, GED, certification of journeyman level in a trade, or Associate, Bachelor, Master, or Doctorate degree
  • Must submit all documents as required within one year following graduation or receipt of degree, diploma, or certificate. Required documents include graduate information form, W-9 form (download here), and copy of diploma or degree*

*Note: Graduate Gift requests are managed under a separate program from Class L stock and require their own submission of proof of graduation.

The gifts are as follows:

  • High school certificate of completion: $500
  • Diploma/GED: $500
  • Associate degree: $500
  • Journeyman level in a trade: $500
  • Bachelor’s degree: $800
  • Master’s degree: $800
  • Doctorate degree: $800

Contact Shareholder Services with any questions at