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We take great pride in recruiting exceptional talent

We seek out candidates who understand Ahtna’s commitments to increasing shareholder assets and value while also providing outstanding service to our clients. As Ahtna team members, employees actively shape a company culture that supports innovation, dedication and high performance.

2019 Employees of the Year

Ahtna Employee of the Year Seal

Our People are Our Strength – Netiye’ means ‘our strength’ in Ahtna Athabascan

Wonder what a career at Ahtna would look like, or where it could take you? Read about our 2019 Employees of the Year to learn more.

Alaina Lukin Project Accountant Ahtna, Inc.

Alaina is instrumental to the monthly close process and is committed to its success. Alaina produces a high volume of journal entries, invoices, project set ups, inter-company reconciliations, and revenue recognition with a high level of accuracy ensuring the reliability of our financial reporting. She was an integral part of updating project setup and EAC processes, identifying efficiencies in the workflow that reduced workload for the subsidiaries. Alaina supports the audit process each year, preparing a large majority of audit requests. She always goes above and beyond her job duties, assisting management roles, her teammates, and the subsidiaries. Alaina is continuously growing and taking on new things with the aptitude to streamline processes for delegated tasks to ensure efficiency. Alaina is always willing to assist her co-workers as well as her subsidiary partners. Alaina is a go-to person in the department with a “get it done” attitude. She is heavily relied on in her role.

Ashley Wilson Administrative Assistance for the US Marshall Contracts Ahtna Professional Services, Inc.

Ashley was hired to become the Administrative Assistant for Northern Florida and Central Illinois. She came on board with so much knowledge and learned our needs very quickly. Her job description has grown in so many ways since her hire. She keeps a calendar like no other I’ve ever seen. She is always reminding what is needed or what is going to be due soon. She does anything asked of her and does it in a timely manner. She is upbeat, positive and an absolute asset to this contract. She is always available and never hesitates no matter what time or day it is. I feel that she is truly deserving of such an honor.

Christa Arthur Staff Scientist II Ahtna Facility Services, Inc.

Christa has been a valued member of the AFSI Elk Hills remediation team since February of 2015. This past year she has excelled as Task Manager implementing site investigations and development of remedial action plans for 494 drill pad sites at the former Elk Hills oil field near Bakersfield, California. She has demonstrated professional growth in communication, supervision, and technical abilities. She always has a positive attitude and willingly takes on new responsibilities and challenges.

Alvin Lal Environmental Scientist Ahtna Government Services Corporation

Alvin has been doing an excellent job for Ahtna Government Services Corp and he has become a great asset to AGSC’s SWPPP and Best Management Practices (BMP) contract teams. He is very detail oriented and organized and he has learned the nuances of our SWPPP and BMP programs very quickly. He is now able to manage several task orders independently, and he routinely supports our BMP program subcontractors at multiple locations on a regular basis. He has proven himself as a key member of this team and continues to perform above and beyond the call of duty. He has also been our field lead for spoils site maintenance recently and works well with and supports others to get jobs done. Everyone enjoys working with Alvin very much, as he always has a positive attitude and is very dependable. Alvin’s work ethic, camaraderie and professionalism has been exceptional, and he deserves to be recognized.  

Janet Johns Project Assistant, Office Manager Ahtna Design-Build, Inc.

Janet has demonstrated behaviors that are deserving of the Employee of the Year nomination including: demonstrates excellent leadership skills by developing working relationships with all Ahtna employees across multiple subsidiaries which has earned her respect and appreciation from co-workers. In addition, Janet assumed additional work assignments this year, including Procurement Specialist duties for ADB and AGSC. She completes her work assignments efficiently and on time, regardless of her workload. She maintains a positive, service-oriented attitude at all times. She provides innovative ideas to improve the efficiency and quality of work, as demonstrated by developing and maintaining a procurement tracking log for all requisitions and purchase orders. Janet consistently treats all co-workers, clients and subcontractors with respect and professionalism.

Diana Estrada FBU Office Manager Ahtna Construction & Primary Products Company, LLC

Diana has proved time and time again that she is up to the challenge. She came to work at ACPPC in June of 2007 as an Administrative Assistant. In this role she was reliably focused on her duties and always asking other if she could help. She immediately created an office environment that was welcoming and professional that did not go unnoticed. In addition to a tireless work ethic she is one of the friendliest people you will ever meet. Her eagerness to learn new things and willingness to take on additional duties led to advancement with the company. In August of 2018, she was promoted to Office Manager of ACPPC’s Fairbanks Office. Ultimately responsible for all cost reporting, facility operations, accurate contract administration and invoicing. Diana handles all issues in a timely manner and reconciles issues as soon as they arise. Her attention to detail has led to process efficiencies which hand in hand create a tremendous improvement in ACPPC’s cash flow. The way she connects and engages with employees, coworkers and clients really makes her stand out. An Alyeska Business Analyst recently commented, “Diana is responsible for providing the consistent and timely distribution of information that is critical to Maintenance, Major Projects and Business Planning at Alyeska. Diana has been a driving force at Alyeska by taking the initiative to gain understanding of the rapidly evolving needs of the organization in turn providing continuous improvement on reporting. We currently have an ongoing project to streamline the cost reporting process and forecast philosophy, which she has gone above and beyond by following through and has shown great interest in helping us plan for the future. Diana is truly an asset to the organization.”

Kjersti Parker Sr. Executive Office Manager Ahtna Environmental Inc.

Kjersti is an invaluable member of our staff supporting the operations of five subsidiary companies.  She is intimately familiar with the policies, procedures, and other inner workings of Ahtna and is routinely approached by staff members for mentoring on how to get things done at Ahtna. She provides direct supervision to administrative and maintenance personnel. As well as the day-to-day support, Kjersti is our primary point of contact for compliance with the 8(a) programs. She knows the 8(a) rules, prepares 8(a) applications for new companies, and writes mentor protégé agreements. She is responsible for all quarterly and annual reporting for our 8(a) companies.  Kjersti is frequently juggling multiple tasks at once in order to satisfy the competing priorities of the executives in her group.  She has the experience and know-how to keep our busy group on track as we continue to grow our organization to match the workload.  Kjersti is levelheaded, even in the most chaotic and urgent of circumstances and is always willing to go the extra mile for the Ahtna Team.  And she does it all with the grace and good humor of a seasoned pro.

Rachel Kerr Sr. Program Manager Ahtna Environmental Inc.

Rachel Kerr joined the Ahtna family in April of 2008. She has proven to be a very strong and capable team player in her time here and grown from an entry-level scientist to a Senior Program Manager, successfully managing the Sharpe Army Depot project. Additionally, Rachel’s exceptional technical and leadership skills have greatly influenced USACE and AEC to push their organizations to sole source award a follow on Sharpe contract (4 year, $14M). Rachel is not just a manager, she is a leader. She is committed to mentoring and developing those working with her and has built an incredibly strong team. Her team admires and respects her.  We appreciate her and are lucky to have her on the Ahtna team.

Alan Christman Sr. Site Superintendent Ahtna Global, LLC

Alan Christman has worked for the Ahtna family of companies since 2007.  In that time, Alan has consistently moved up the ranks as a result of his outstanding work ethic, leadership, innovative approach to difficult projects, his dedication to safety and his concern for the welfare of the people that he works with. Alan isn’t a Superintendent, Mentor, Heavy Equipment Operator or Master Carpenter – he is all these things and works across all of our business lines from environmental to vertical construction in a supervisory capacity. Most importantly, and often overlooked, Alan needs to be recognized for his personal sacrifice on behalf of Ahtna. In both 2018 and 2019 Alan put in over 3000 hours each year in some of the most remote places while working in the most extreme weather conditions that can be experienced, all while being away from his home and family. Alan is always the first to the project and the last to leave regularly working 14-hour days. In spite of all of these challenges that can effect someone physically and mentally in the field, Alan’s head is 100% in the game all the time and he consistently produces safe and quality work to the highest level of client satisfaction. Alan was responsible for many projects in 2019 – one of which was the Pt. Adams Research Station Roofing Project. As a result of Alan’s direct involvement and finished product, Ahtna received many accolades from the top management at NOAA who was our client on this project and who is a signature client of our Ahtna companies as a whole.

Adam Pennartz Supply Technician Ahtna Logistics, LLC

Since Ahtna Logistics began Contract Operations on the EC-130J Warehouse Support contract in August 2018, Adam has been instrumental in providing a smooth transition and excellent service to the customer. Upon contract startup he established over 40 vendors with Accounts Payable and helped develop procurement forms and processes to ensure Ahtna Logistics stayed in compliance with Federal Regulations. In 2019, he has created 139 individual purchase orders with a dollar value of $3,779,541. His persistence and attention to detail were critical in locating new vendors for several mission critical components because the original vendor was no longer in business or the parts were no longer available due to technology advancements. These new vendors had to be vetted to ensure that they were capable of providing the equipment with the same form, fit and function of that which it was replacing. Adam maintains constant communication with all of the vendors and industry partners to provide up-to-the-minute updates on the schedule to the customer.

Norma Arellano Officer Ahtna Support & Training Services, LLC

Mrs. Arrellano’s work ethic is without a doubt exceptional. Officer Arellano has worked at PIDC since August 29, 2011, and during her tenure at PIDC her record includes punctual attendance and her active participation in improving the Operation and Administrative aspects of the job. Officer Arellano has voluntarily created spreadsheets that benefit the staff that works in the PIDC Processing Center that assists in tracking detainee movement to and from PIDC. Officer Arellano has a very positive attitude, and energy among others has shown that she has far exceeded expectations.

Those that have worked closely with Officer Arellano, including her supervisors, agree that she is a committed and highly-productive employee. Officer Arellano is an asset to the Ahtna family and a model of what a hardworking Officer should be.

Officer Arellano is also considered a subject matter expert for Process / Staging and frequently called upon to provide Field Training for new hires or staff that have recently changed shifts or have never been posted in that specific area. Officer Norma Arellano is the type of Officer that has experienced all posts and is extremely knowledgeable of all areas. To her credit, Officer Arellano’s knowledge of all areas within PIDC is possible due to her initiative, attention to detail, active listening when Supervisors or Management give instructions and the no-fear mentality on taking on new responsibilities or challenges.

Angela Parker Electronic Maintenance Technician I Ahtna Support & Training Services, LLC

Angela Parker is a dedicated employee who strives to greater heights in performance of her job.  She always goes the extra mile to ensure tasks are completed on time and with the highest quality.  In addition to her Electronics Technician duties she also runs the logistical operations for the ACT contract.  Those duties include shipping, receiving, inventory, and travel, all of which she does in an exemplary manner.  She is the epitome of professionalism and should be recognized as such. She has been recognized by the government for her work ethic, attention to detail, and overall performance.

Employment Disclaimers

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  • Pursuant to PL 93-638, as amended, preference will be given to qualified Ahtna shareholders, shareholder descendants and shareholder spouses in all phases of employment.
  • Ahtna is a Drug Free Workplace and requires a pre-employment drug test for all positions. An applicant producing a positive drug test for a prohibited substance will be ineligible for employment with Ahtna.
  • Ahtna, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EEO)/Affirmative Action Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, disability, genetic information, marital status, amnesty, or protected veteran status. Native preference applies under PL 93-638. We participate in the E-Verify Employment Verification Program.

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