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PATH Program (Partnership, Accountability, Training, Hope)


Ahtna’s PATH Program is designed to provide Ahtna Shareholders with the skills and knowledge base necessary for Administrative Assistant positions within Ahtna and its family of companies. The Administrative Assistants provide support to departments while learning new skills, gaining experience, and the ability to determine a career plan through these experiences within the Ahtna family of companies.


Through participation in the program, the Administrative Assistant is expected to learn the following:

  • Understand the history, mission, values, and vision of the Corporation and how these components influence the Corporation’s business directions and Shareholder Services.
  • Possess workplace skills that will enable the Administrative Assistant to excel in an office environment.
  • Efficiently work within Ahtna and its family of companies.
  • Successfully complete the Administrative Assistant Program and obtain full-time employment.
PATH Graduate, Rodante Deano, HR Associate
PATH Graduate, Rodante Deano, HR Associate

What is the PATH program?

Ahtna’s Career PATH participants support departments while learning new skills and gaining experience. This exposure and mentorship helps shareholders determine a career plan within the Ahtna family of companies. In 2021 and 2022, Ahtna had 17 shareholders participate in the program. Three have moved on to other opportunities, three are focusing on college, three are ready to deploy, four are working on special projects for Ahtna, and four were recently promoted to full-time positions within Ahtna.


If you have any questions about the program please contact Ve’dra Bechtol at 907-868-8204 or vbechtol@ahtna.net